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Met someone New (standard:romance, 1409 words)
Author: Tina MarieAdded: Jul 24 2003Views/Reads: 2133/1426Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Lady was bored and ventured on the internet to fill up some of her time. When some man sent her a message and they began to talk. He requests to take her for a date via internet. And so they did.


She has been so lonely for so long. Tired of putting puzzles together
and tired of  watching movies. She decided to find out what games she 
could play on the internet. She turned on her computer and clicked the 
button to enter the web pages for the games. 

She started playing bingo, as it was the easiest. She already knew how
to play. She started meeting so many nice people. Chatting until late 
hours and finding a lot out about these people. She liked meet them. 
Beginning to make friends with the people from all over. This was so 
exciting to her and fun. She didn't have many friends, at least none 
that really cared for her. 

One night, playing bingo, a new person, me522, came into the room to
play. They all started chatting and learning about him. Something 
intrigued this man about her. He sent her an instant message and they 
began chatting together. 

They learned that they both enjoyed the same music. They both liked
dancing and skating. They talked a lot about who they were. He live 
across seas. She had been there. This was nice learning about where he 
lived. Almost like actually being there. 

They began chatting even when they wasn't in playing bingo. She could
see when he came on the internet and couldn't help but to smile. "Was 
he going to send her a message today." She couldn't wait. To hear from 
him just made her day. She would sit at her computer for hours just 
waiting for him to come on. 

Then, she got the knock on the computer. There he was. She had been
waiting all afternoon to see if he had a few minutes to chat. And now, 
he is there. She waited impatiently. Then he sent her a message. It 
only said Hi. But she just smiled and began to shiver as she responded 
with a hi. 

They began talking about their day. And their plans for the rest of the
day. Boy, he made her so happy to talk. It was if he was there and knew 
her forever. They seemed like they had everything in common. They 
talked about anything they could thing of. Then he asked for a picture 
of her. She felt flattered that he wanted to know what she looked like. 
She ask how to send one and he helped to figure it out. He received the 
photo and was trilled over the photo. What beauty he though. But it was 
the things he knew about her that trilled him most. He couldn't wait to 
continue talking. 

He told her how pretty the picture was and sent one back to her. She
looked at it with amazement. The brown hair with curls and a big smile. 
His picture had placed him on the side of a pool. It was a great photo 
of him. She told him how well he looked his picture also. 

Then they chatted more. Started to find out how often they could chat
together. Anything was better then nothing. He could sweep her off her 
feet with just his words. He then asked he if she'd like to go out. She 
was stunned. How was this possible. She couldn't travel. Was he 
planning come to her? He was talking about a date online, chatting.  
She said sure, but was enticed by the thought of this date. He told her 
he needed to leave for today but would be back in a couple of days and 
they would have that date then. She was trilled that he made the date. 
But was she going to last that long. Two whole days before they could 
chat again. And a date, how was this possible. She could only wait and 

She could hardly wait. But that day had finally came. She got turned on
her computer early. And clicked to enter the internet. Then three 
little words spoke out. "You've got mail." She clicked to check it out. 
It was from him, me522. She just looked at the screen a moment before 
opening the note. Was this an "I'm sorry" letter. Boy, she hoped not. 
She swallowed hard and decided to open the letter. And it read: 

Hello cutie, I just wanted to write and tell you how excited I am about
out date. I will be on tomorrow. And we will talk soon. See you, later. 

Wow. He sent her a note. How wonderful was this man she had only met a

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