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MEMORY (standard:romance, 405 words)
Author: ArunodayAdded: Jul 29 2003Views/Reads: 2232/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Story of Memory of "FIRST LOVE"


It was half past six in the evening. I was sitting on a park bench; by
the shore watching the sun descend gradually; as if saying ‘goodbye' 
for the day. 

Sitting there at that moment, I still don't know what took me over; but
I felt aloof from the world. All the various sounds and noises around 
me ceased; and my thoughts sprinted back many years. 

Monday morning, 9:00 am, first lecture; everybody settled in their
places and paying attention. Half past nine; midway between the 
lecture; a tall girl enters the class. Her innocent black eyes, seem a 
bit confused, a bit afraid. Invariably she gets scolded by the 
professor for being late in the first place and then chatting with her 
friends before settling down. 

Almost everyday this scene was enacted in front of my eyes. I never knew
exactly when I developed a liking for her. Over the years this liking 
transformed into love. What was so enchanting about her ? I could not 
answer that question. She appeared confused, yet I loved her. She had a 
peculiar style of walking, still I loved her. Used to wear boyish 
clothes, again I loved her. Used to laugh today for yesterday's jokes, 
yet again and again I loved her. I loved her for the way she was. 

Many a times I wanted to tell her about what I felt, but somehow there
was a deadlock between the two of us. Neither did she ever speak to me 
about what she felt. Although she always had an idea about my feelings 
for her. Maybe she did not like me, maybe I was not that intelligent, 
witty or rich, as she wanted me to be. Maybe.........maybe not. Those 
unspoken words of hers, were always a ray of hope for me. I just smiled 
at my fate, thinking about how a lot many things are never in our 

“Get up! Get up!! , Will you ? . Well-dressed men like you, get drunk
and sleep on park benches; and then smile like fools in your dreams. 
It's midnight mister. Get up!!”. The harsh words of the watchman broke 
my trance and brought me back to reality. 

Fifteen years have passed. I don't know where she is today; but one
thing I know for sure and that is even today I love her much more than 
what I used to. Maybe she also...............maybe!! 

--- Arunoday 


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