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A Man's Face (standard:non fiction, 1514 words)
Author: sheri922Added: Jul 30 2003Views/Reads: 1699/1083Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the story of my son's birth


It was August 17, 1986. I stood up that morning arising from my slumber
and felt the warm splash on my ankles as a bath of water hit the floor. 
I called the doctor, but it being Sunday got his answering service. 
"Please, have the doctor call me back" I asked. I stood there looking 
at the puddle on the floor waiting for the phone to ring. When it 
finally did, the doctor was on the other end of the line and asked, 
"What is the problem Sheri?" 

"I think my water broke, but I'm not sure. I stood up from bed and there
was this splash on the floor, I don't believe I peed, but I've never 
had a baby before." 

The doctor asked, "Well, it probably did. Is there about a cup of it?"
"I don't know, it's a puddle on the floor. Would you like me to get a 
spatula and scoop it up to measure?" 

"No" the doctor chuckled, "Is it clear?" 


"Well, it looks like you are going to have a baby. Are you having any


"Since it's your first, I'm going to go to church and I'll meet you at
the hospital at 11:00 a.m. OK?" 

"Ok". I hung up the phone and called my best friend Laura. She was going
to be my strength. She came to get me immediately. I threw on my white 
sweat pants and my lucky sweatshirt. We got in the car and Laura was 
eager to get me to the hospital. Well, I had to put a stop to that 
immediately! I explained, "First of all, this is my first kid and 
everyone says it could take 24 to 72 hours to deliver this kid. If you 
remember I went into false labor a month ago and was stuck there all 
day with only ICE CHIPS to eat. If you think I'm sitting there for 72 
hours without food, you're out of your mind. SO, what I propose is we 
go visit people to share the experience." 

Laura said, "Good point, lets go see the gang". She drove to Jimmy's
house where everyone hung out and sure enough the gang was all there. 
We walked in and water began pouring through my white sweat pants. 

I told everyone to stay away because I was in labor. They all asked why
they would have to stay away because of that. I turned redder than the 
pink hue that was making its way through my sweats...and explained "My 
water broke and it really stinks badly". They all started telling me to 
go to the hospital. I explained that I had plenty of time, not to 
worry. A couple hours later the pain started to double me over. I 
looked at Laura and said, "TIME TO GO" in my best cockney accent. We 
got in the car and she headed toward the hospital. I had to put a stop 
to that too. "Laura, you can't take me in there knowing they will 
starve me for 3 whole days! McDonalds is right around the corner, go 
there first!" 

She started to explain, "Sheri, they don't want you to eat because you
could throw up or worse, take a dump all over the table." 

I laughed and told her not to argue with a hungry pregnant woman. So, we
went to get my Big Mac, Large Fries and Strawberry Shake! That filled 
me up perfectly, at least I was hoping it would last up to 72 hours if 

We arrived at the hospital at 1:00 p.m. and the contractions began
without end. They were constant and there was a pain in my back that 
makes the dentist performing 6 root canals look like a day at the 

A very pregnant nurse came in asking me how far apart the contractions
were. I told her it was constant. She got really nasty, "Well, you 
better just get used to it, this could take 72 hours!" and stormed out. 

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