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Why? (standard:other, 677 words)
Author: MickalaAdded: Aug 19 2003Views/Reads: 1810/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Have you ever asked yourself why someone drives drunk? You aren't the only one.


Why? Why what, you might ask? Why anything? As babies, our first words
aren't really ‘momma' or ‘da da' like everyone thinks. The whole time 
we're building up to that, we're screaming "Why!!!!!!" over and over 
again, but it just sounds more like a noisy racket than an 
understandable word. 

Seriously though, ‘why' is probably one the most often asked questions
in the world. 

As little kids, we wanted to know why the sky was blue, why we had to
take naps, why we had to listen to bossy teachers who thought that they 
were our parents, and why we couldn't play outside all day. 

As teenagers, we ask why the guy or girl we like doesn't like us back,
why we can't go to sleep in class, why teachers still think they're our 
parents, why things happen that we don't understand, and why parents 
don't realize that high school has changed every since they were our 
age (even though they swear up and down that it hasn't.) 

As adults, we want to know why our spouses are home late, why kids
aren't acting like they're 25 when they're acting their age, which is 
about 16-17, why bin Laden really attacked the U.S., and pretty much, 
why as the whole world gone to hell? 

When you think about it know, you ask why a lot, don't you? But do you
ask it enough? Some people don't, believe it or not. 

Before you do things that you have doubts about, ask yourself, "Why am I
doing this? Is there a possibility that I might hurt myself or others?" 
If you answer ‘yes' to that last question, then don't do it. There's 
nothing more important that keeping yourself and other around you safe. 

I asked myself ‘why' a lot night before last. 

I hadn't heard from my boyfriend, Chris Knight, or his best friend,
Chris Adams, all week. Their school had just gotten back from Spring 
Break, so I figured that they might have forgotten that it only lasted 
one week. But I'm a natural born worry wort, so I called Adams on his 
cell phone, just to make sure. What he told me hit me like a ton of 
bricks. He and Knight were coming back from Florida when some drunk guy 
had crashed through the median and slammed into them head-on, going 
about 105 miles an hour. 

Both of Adams' legs were broken, five ribs, his left arm, and his neck.
From what he said, the doctors told him that he would eventually be 
okay, he'd just have to be careful. Knight was paralyzed from the waist 
down, and he's in a coma that they don't think he'll wake up from. 

You want to know some of my ‘why' questions? Why didn't Adams and Knight
leave a little sooner or a little later? Why was the guy in such a big 
rush? Why didn't Adams call me and tell me what had happened earlier? 
But I think the biggest question I wanted to ask was, "Why did the guy 
drink when he knew he was gonna drive?" 

It doesn't make any sense, really. The guy that hit him? He had three
kids, a wife, and an alcoholic level of .1, so now, some cop has to 
tell his wife that he's not coming home he almost killed two kids. Even 
when he would've gotten out of jail, she'll still never see him again. 

Why? He was killed. All because he got drunk and didn't think about what
could possibly go wrong. 

But I guess that's what happens when people do stupid things. Why do
people drink and drive, even though there's always a chance for death, 
pain, and sorrow? 

Because he didn't ask why, he caused a mother and father to lose their
son, a wife to lose her husband, kids to lose their father, and 
whatever brother and sisters he had to lose their sibling. He might 
have cost two more families to lose their loved ones. So, now, let me 
ask you something. 



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