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EX: The Job Interview (standard:other, 1114 words)
Author: Pitter PatAdded: Sep 10 2003Views/Reads: 2243/1215Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My second try at this exercise...

Warm tears fell down my cheeks as I slowly walked toward my apartment. 

A car parked a few feet ahead of me. “HONK! HONK!” I quickly wiped the

“Hi Barb, how are you?” 

“Get in,” she said sternly.  “What's wrong?” 

As I got into her car and tears began to flow again. “I haven't seen you
since graduation, how are you?” I asked. 

“No, none of that, why the tears?” she asked. 

“Two weeks after graduation Carolyn and I got an apartment. A week ago
she eloped and moved into her new husband's house. There's no way I can 
pay the rent on my salary at the store, so today I asked my boss for 
more hours.” 

“He won't give you more hours? What a rat!” 

I blew my nose and continued, “Worse than that. He said sorry and handed
me my paycheck. When I opened it I found a note.” I pulled the crinkled 
paper from my jeans pocket and read it, “Because of financial 
difficulties JACK'S will be permanently closed effective midnight 
tonight. No employee compensations will be available.” 

Barb frowned, “I'm sorry. What will you do now?” 

“I guess I'll have to move in with mom and dad,” I said sadly. 

She thought a moment, “I know the perfect job for you.” 

“What is it?” I asked cautiously. 

“When you were in high school you worked in the office helping me


“You enjoyed it?” 


She started the engine, did a U-turn, and headed the opposite direction.
“Principal Waynette is doing job interviews tomorrow for a new 
position. It involves taking surveys and helping him coordinates a new 
youth program.” 

“Sounds great!” I smiled. 

“Applicants will be interviewed at the teacher's picnic tomorrow at the
shelter house in Tolmie Park – you can be there at eleven can't you?” 

“I'll be there.” 

At the school I filled out the application and Barb put it in the pile
with the other applications. 

“It's after five, I've got to get home.  Can you walk home?” 

“I'll be fine, thank you.” 

The next morning I dressed in my nicest slacks and shirt, put my hair up
neatly in a ponytail, and walked to the park.  I arrived ten minutes 
early and took a seat beside mid-aged woman. 

“Hi,” I said. 

“Hi yourself,” she grumbled and turned her body the other direction. 
Two other ladies came in, then Principal Waynette and a pretty 
blond-haired lady came in laughing. He pointed to a chair and she sat 

“We are still missing someone,” he said as he frowned and counted the

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