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Kristina (standard:poetry, 567 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Sep 20 2003Views/Reads: 1946/1168Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alot like the rest of my work, me eating my heart out over a woman who couldn't care less about me. . . .


I'd like to be with you- 

I'd like to lie in a bed 

Hold myself against you. 

In Love, not lust. 

Gentleness, not need, 

Caress, a hug, a kiss, 

I dream of these things with you. 

But I won't let myself- 

I can't let myself fall in love with you 

I wish I could 

I wish I could share this with you. 

I wish I could start this with you. 

But I can't 

I can't let you in my life. 

I can't learn about who you are. 

I sacrifice you, because the other choice- 

It costs me too much. 

You'll never understand that 

Maybe partly because I'm ashamed of it. 

Maybe because I'm pretty sure you couldn't understand it. 

You'd have to be me to know. 

And you're another I have to lose. 

To have a chance to be who I want. 

To have what I need 

What others are getting so easily. 

But I've never known. 

Maybe I'm just an immature prick, 

Maybe I'm a narrcassistic fuck. 

Maybe they were right about me. 

But I think I can tell you this 

I do what I do, all for the chance. 

All for the slim possibility 

That one day I will get a chance, to have 

what is really important. 

And at a time when I needed it. 

You helped me remember whats important. 

You showed me I could still dream. 

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