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Reborn (standard:poetry, 171 words)
Author: MizukokoruAdded: Dec 07 2000Views/Reads: 2387/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Yes, yet again a free write...

In my other life just and hour ago, I was reborn 

Made to see and hear it all again 

Just like the first time 

Pink and blue merge in to the gray of everyday life in a matter of

Draining the color from my cheeks 

Turning away from the bottle filled with warm experience, as it is
pushed in to my mouth. 

Walking thru the streets crowded with rotten fruit and lives gone stale,

People with open mouths, the slow silent gasp of dying fish, 

and eyes like tV screens that blast thru my mind, 

Tearing away the new found freshness. 

Regular Joes and famous minds alike, jostling to be fed the tiny pieces
of new reality, 

searing their throats on the way down and gorging their souls on the way
back up. 

An orange sailing thru the air only to be shot down and trampled by the
masses of oblivion, 

Fermenting on the dirty streets while people smelling like roses and
wearing Armani suits scramble to take a drink


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