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I was fifteen (standard:drama, 310 words)
Author: Brittany.DAdded: Oct 05 2003Views/Reads: 2199/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I was fifteen when I lost my parents...

I was fifteen, when I lost my parents. It was a cold winterday and all
of my friends were at a christmas party. All but me. I stayed at home 
and couldn´t hardly believe what had happened, just a few seconds 
before. I felt sad and angry and I was lonely. I wished I had someone 
to speak to, someone to discuss my problems and feelings, but there was 
nobody. I thouht of my brother, who died last year by accident. I 
thought of my aunt Myra, who I had loved so much and who also died by 
an accident a year before. I had lost lots of lovely people. And now my 
parents too. I wished I could have cried, but I couldn´t. I wished I 
could have screamed and shout out all the pain I felt inside, but 
didn´t dare. What will the neighbors say, I heard the voice of my 
mother in my head. I don´t care what they will say I replied, I never 
did. But I was silent. As always. She is so lovely, not like the other 
teens, she don´t take drugs and go to this parties where they do this 
horrible things. She is not interested in boys and that is good. I 
always told her to wait untill she is married. She is really lovely. 
You was wrong, Mum, I said loud to myself. I´m not lovely and I never 
was. I love boys and they do love me. I had sex and I enjoyed it. I 
really did. Now, I was pregnant. I was fifteen. My parents did not die, 
but I was dead for them. From that day on they never spoke a word to 
me. I lost them ´cause I started to live on my own. Do I regret? yes, 
sometimes. Do I give up? No, never. 

© Brittany.D 


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