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its all a blur (standard:non fiction, 376 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Oct 06 2003Views/Reads: 1961/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
too much of everything

i still think about you all the time now, there hasnt been a day with
out me saying your name. i still remember the first thing i ordered 
from you, "3eggs over medium, hashbrowns with chilli, sausage and 
coffee". i still remember the first time i asked for your number, how 
you wrote it down on a napkin and smiled when you gave it to me. i 
still remember going to your house to pick you up for the first date, 
it was the in rich part of town where i thought i would never go. i 
still remember what you eat that night, "itialan beef extra sause". i 
still remember on how you told me your leaving, the next day you 
did.... i still remember you coming down to visit, not for me but for 
your family. i still think on how great you are for calling me just to 
hang out, right before you leave again. i still remember that first 
kiss, at my friends house in front of your ex-boyfriend. i still 
remember you leaving that next day, i had to take you to the airport. i 
still remember picking you up from the airport, and how you hugged me 
and said you miss me. i still remember felling that something was going 
on, and you have meet someone else. i still remember you  saying there 
is no one, but i can see it in your eyes. i still remember our first 
time, how the computer screen reflected off your body, and you saying 
again you miss me. i still remember taking you to the airport the next 
day, again i'm getting use to the trip. i still remember you saying 
your coming down for 2 weeks, and i get you for 1 week, again you miss 
me. i still remember the camping trip, or "privite" swim alone, again 
you miss me. i still remember taking you to the airport, but this time 
its the last. i still remember the e-mail of saying its off, you have 
someone else now and your not coming down again, but again you miss me. 
i still remember telling you i will always be there for you, but this 
time its goodbye. and now i miss you. 


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