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Heat (standard:poetry, 120 words)
Author: Silly SoundlessAdded: Dec 09 2000Views/Reads: 3062/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
South African Summer

South African Summer 

Heat atacks the still green spring grass                               
with the angry hunger of a starved golden lion.                         
It penitrates my shirt with a grim determination                        
covering my back with trickling persperation. 

Sun burn, discomfort and aftersun lotion.                          
"Beat skin cancer, wear sp15 sun block"                                
blare the radios and TV's,                                             
but the sun tanned body is a must, you see. 

A few weeks in the sun,                                               
days lying at the beach,                                                
that perfect brown shade just out of reach,                             
but you're turning a very pretty pink. 

What more could you want?                                             
This is summer bliss,                                                  
The time of year you can not miss.                                     
Enjoy while you can, it's over soon.                                  
But for now, at least, I'm over the moon.


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