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Ex 2: The Frog (standard:other, 972 words)
Author: Pitter PatAdded: Oct 15 2003Views/Reads: 1970/1352Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Have a chair, and let me tell you about a lifetime friendship created by a frog...

Ex 2: The Frog 

Betty, Bobby, and Barry are seated at a small circular table in the back
of the Biology classroom, nested in the corner behind their opened 
books. This is an unusual trio, not a group any of them would have 
chosen to be in, but one assigned by the new student teacher, Miss 

Betty is a nice looking young lady, with long brown hair. She is one of
few students who like Biology. She grasps for every ounce of knowledge 
presented to help her reach her goal of becoming a veterinarian. 

To Betty's right sits Bobby. He has a flirty, outgoing personality, but
very little interest in today's lesson of dissecting a frog. Instead of 
reading, he sends spitballs rocketing through the air using a red 
plastic straw. 

A quiet, handsome young man, Barry, sits beside them. He works very hard
in school for it is his hope to receive a scholarship to law school. As 
he attempts to read the assigned chapter, he is distracted by Bobby. 
With an annoyed look, Barry snatches the straw from Bobby's rugged hand 
and slides it into his t-shirt pocket.  Bobby frowns and speaks a few 
words. Barry nods his head no and continues to read. 

Miss Azinger silently watches the disturbance. She writes a few notes on
the reaction of the students hit by the small flying missiles and seems 
pleased at Barry's solution to Bobby's annoyance. 

Twenty-five minutes into the class time, Miss Azinger leaves her stool
and goes to the groups of students at the lab tables. She collects 
their worksheet and they return to their assigned tables. When all are 
seated, she motions to the other half of the class and they move to the 
lab area.  Barry leads the way and sits at a corner table beside a 
window; Bobby and Betty join him. 

Barry picks up the instruction sheet and begins to read it aloud. Bobby
pays no attention to Barry, gets up, and goes to the tank where the 
frogs are housed. He picks up the fattest green frog and holds it to 
the face of a pretty blond girl. She jumps back and Bobby laughs. He 
then holds the frog toward two other girls. The two girls pet the frog, 
and then return to their table. 

When Bobby rejoins his group, he teasingly puts the frog next to Betty's
face. To his surprise, Betty grabs the frog and gently cradles it in 
her hand as she stokes its head. 

Barry smiles and begins to prepare the table for the lab. He carefully
puts a heavy cardboard on the table then spreads the thick plastic over 
it. He places the pins to hold the frog on each side of the work area, 
then goes to the shelf to get a jar with a lid and a sealed packet that 
contains the medicine to put the frog to sleep. 

Bobby picks up the knife and pretends cut up a frog. Betty frowns, but
the girl at the next table laughs at him so he continues. 

Returning with the jar, Barry holds his hand out to Betty.  Bobby
quickly throws down the knife, pushes Barry's hand aside, and reaches 
for the frog.  As the two young men begin to push each other's hand out 
of the way, Betty puts the frog behind her back as tears form in her 

Miss Azinger's attention is locked on the odd trio.  She starts to stand
when the young men sudden stop. Both silently stare at the tears 
rolling down Betty's face. Bobby stands back and raises his hands in 
the air as if in surrender.  Barry sadly looks at Betty and says a few 
words. She nods her head no. After a few more words, Barry walks over 
to the window and looks out while Betty sits with the frog safely 
protected in her hands. 

Barry returns to the table and speaks a few more words to Betty. He
holds up the lab instructions and the questions they must answer to 
pass the lab assignment. Again he reaches for the frog, but Betty pulls 
the top of her shirt away from her skin and holds the frog ready to 
drop down her shirt. 

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