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The Tale of Envy and Compassion (standard:fairy tales, 674 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Oct 21 2003Views/Reads: 2541/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a fairy tale of illusion versus reality

The Tale of Envy and Compassion 




There was once two houses. One house was on the sunny side of the
street. It was brand spanking new, had a rose garden, a new car, and a 
furniture truck was pulling up bringing lots of new couches and beds. 

Life seems good. 

Across the street, the sun hardly ever shined through the windows. The
house was brown and run down. There was an eviction notice on the door 
and the electric was shut off. The siding was coming off the house and 
the windows were drafty. 

Life seems dismal. 

There were two women. One woman lived on the sunny side of the street.
She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and a pretty smile. She had an 
easy way about her. Many people wanted to be her friend. The people 
didn't stay very long though only long enough to look at all of her 
possessions and then they were gone. The woman sat on her patio and 
gazed across the street. She wondered what it would be like to live 
over there for just one day. 

The woman on the dark side of the street coughed. She wasn't feeling
very well. She had this cough for over a month now. There wasn't any 
money for medicine but somehow she found a reason to smile. It was a 
beautiful day and the children were playing down the street. She loved 
the smell of autumn in the air. She looked across the street. She 
noticed that the rich woman didn't look very happy. She wondered why. 

The woman on the sunny side of the street goes inside. She takes off her
sunglasses to reveal a black eye. She wonders if anyone heard the 
terrible argument that occured last night. She would feel shame if they 
did. How could she hold her head up if anyone knew the truth? How she 
envied the woman across the street. She always was smiling. She 
wondered why someone with nothing could be so happy about life. She 
wished she knew the secret. She wanted what she had. 

The woman on the dark side of the street felt sorry for the rich woman.
Of course, she had money and friends, but something good was missing. 
Her eyes were empty. There was no glow to her cheeks. No life inside. 
Maybe she could help. She went inside and cut up some pie and made a 
thermos of coffee. 

She walked across the street with her small token of friendship. 

The woman on the sunny side of the street was baffled. Why would she
want to visit me? What does she want? Money? 

The woman came over and shook her hand. "I know we have been living
across the street for ages, but I always wanted to meet you. I never 
had the courage to come over until today. Hello. My name is Sarah." She 
smiled at her. She gave the rich woman the pie and coffee. 

The rich woman wept. "You know many people visit me to just look at what
I have. Many people envy me and want to be like me. This is what I am 
really like." She took off her sunglasses to reveal her black eye. 

"Oh my! You need a doctor now. Let me drive you there?" 

"You would do that for me, a stranger?" 

"Yes. Not a stranger anymore. A friend." 

She took her hand and helped her in the car. Compassion check mated Envy
and Love conquers Fear. 

"It will be alright from now on. Open your heart. You never know what
goes on across a tiny street. A friend is only a few feet away that can 
turn your life around. 

"Let's see if we can take care of that cough Sarah." 

Two women as different as day and night. 

"Right after we call the police and make sure you are safe." 

"Thanks for looking out for me." 

"I just care. What is life without compassion?" 

"Nothing except empty envy and jealousies." 


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