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The dreamer (standard:Psychological fiction, 2279 words)
Author: Dark RiverAdded: Oct 29 2003Views/Reads: 2287/1310Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Is it a dream? Is it reality? Read and find out what's in Martin's mind...

A child laugh was heard in the room dull lighted. Martin startled. He
put the blanket aside, rose off the soft bed and looked at the door. He 
saw the figure of a child who seemed to be no more than five years old. 
The light got brighter and brighter. Martin's heartbeat became 
irregular and so strong that he instinctively took his hand to his 

“Josh is that you?” asked Martin and one could feel the panic in his

He looked at the child but he couldn't clearly see his face, though the
child got closer and closer. 

“Josh is that you? Say something. It's me ... your father.” 

The child said nothing he reached over to Martin as if he had wanted to
be taken in his arms. Martin was wonderstruck. Although the room was 
properly lighted the child's face was completely in the dark. 

“Josh?” murmured Martin. 

The child took one more step reaching over to the man in front of him.
Martin bent to the child with a fearful heart. He wanted to take him in 
his arms. Next second he grew pale and released the child who fell to 
the ground disintegrating himself... 

“Martin, Martin, wake up!” The familiar sound of his assistant's voice
stirred no reaction. She shook Martin's arm. 

“Martin, wake up! You will miss the performance. The room is almost
full.” The man took his hands to his eyes and began rubbing them. 

“Jenna, is that you?” 

“Yes, Martin, it's me, but hurry up, you are supposed to enter the Alpha
room in a few seconds.” 

“Wait for me outside please! I'll be right up”, sad Martin in a hoarse

Jenna distanced herself slowly from Martin's bed and walked to the door.

One must know that Jenna stood by Martin from the moment he had been
captured on the planet Akrossya. When he was brought on Neezeria, Jenna 
had been appointed his assistant by Chronos, the Neezerian who had 
captured Martin. Her job was to take care of Martin and make sure that 
he felt more than comfortable. The Neezerians where solitary due to the 
huge distances that separated their planet from others. Although they 
possessed the latest technology their behavior and their lifestyle were 
not civilized. They were primitive. The Neezerians were tall; men 
reached two and half meters height. Most of them had long hair which 
was worn in loops. Their dark eyes were emphasized by their bony faces. 

After a few moments of waiting, Jenna heard the door of Martin's room
opening. He showed up on the doorway, his eyes still retaining the 
traces of sleep. 

“Martin, hurry up, we must begin at once. Chronos is waiting for you in
the Alpha room.” 

“What does he want from me?” asked Martin. 

“Come and you will find out. How could I know what he wants? I don't
think he will be very happy when he finds out that you have slept.” 

“I don't care. I will sleep again anyway and he will get what he wants.”

The two passed through a large corridor, tasteless, decorated by
Chronos' housekeeper. There were rough dusty carpets on the floor and a 
few cockroaches were passing on unhindered. A door made of iron 
appeared on the left. Jenna pressed a golden button near the door and 
she uttered some words which Martin could not understand. The door 

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