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Coffee House Concerto (standard:poetry, 290 words)
Author: GoatAdded: Dec 12 2000Views/Reads: 2551/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Limerics reflecting The Beat Generation.



A beat chick once tried 'Little Mary' 

She smoked it with eyes round and scary. 

And finally she said, 

with a nod of her head, 

"By God, this stuff's better than sherry!" 

The dancers of modern vein, 

wear costumes both simple and plain. 

But their twitches and squirms, 

just like so many worms, 

give appearance of stomach gas pain. 

An actor of manners quite strange, 

in the pads of the cats he did range. 

At the Workshop he played, 

a cash register staid, 

and was pleased to no end with the change. 


A friend who did dote upon Zen, 

tried picking his nose with a pen. 

He become so ecstatic, 

in his quaint little attic, 

that his nostrils do now number ten. 

An artist who's paintings did sell, 

a story to me once did tell. 

"To make pictures quaint, 

I mix garbage with paint, 

and I think they are bought for the smell." 

Went I to a poetry reading, 

'twas really a novel proceeding. 

For we sat on the floor, 

and much wine we did pour, 

'till the reading, proceeding was needing. 


I once knew a girl quite beat, 

she really seemed most indiscreet. 

She said to me, "Dad, 

let's go up to my pad, 

and I'll give you much more than a treat." 

A poet of free verse named Able, 

fell asleep at a coffeehouse table. 

He roared and he snored, 

finally slipped from that board, 

and awoke 'neath the table unstable. 

Espresso, the drink of the cats, 

to whom we must take off our hats. 

It is such a strong drink 

that I'm inclined to think, 

that it's brewed from the feces of rats. 


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