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The Magical 16 (standard:drama, 421 words)
Author: shadowsinflamesAdded: Dec 11 2003Views/Reads: 2071/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chasity is finally turning 16, everything in the world should be perfect, but that's not the way real life works.

Chasity felt her head spinning, finally she was turning sixteen. It had
seemed like an eternity, but today was the day, she was finally 
sixteen. It was a magical age, everything changed, and as she sprung 
out of bed, she knew it was true. Feeling like she was dancing on air, 
she floated out of her room and into the kitchen. A smile lit her tawny 
face, freckles dotted her cheeks and nose, she was the perfect picture 
of teenage innocence. 

But going into the kitchen was her mistake, she should have stayed in
bed, enjoyed sleeping. Her excitement had taken her here on an 
adventure she should have denied herself. Her mother sat at the table, 
her face in her hands, everything spelled sadness not the excitement 
that should have been there. Chasity immediately came crashing down 
back to earth, what was going on? Why'd her mother look so hurt? 

'Mom, what's wrong?' she asked, gingerly touching her shoulder. Where
was her dad and where was her brother? Her mother looked up at her, 
mascara streaking her cheeks, her dark brown eyes were filled with 
agony. She opened her mouth to speak, but it was futile, instead fresh 
sobs hiccupped out of her, making Chasity feel little, only a child. 
She didn't understand, what was the problem? What had made her mom so 
upset she couldn't speak a word? 

Then her mother managed to talk, her voice dripping with tears, 'Oh god,
I don't know how we're going to make it. Oh god, I'm sorry. Your daddy 
and Evan, they went to get crispy cremes for our breakfast. But someone 
wasn't paying attention and ran a red light, they hit your daddy's car. 
Oh god, no, I... this can't really be happening. Your dad was killed 
instantly and Evan died on the way to the hospital.' With this message 
delivered, her mother sank into a broken heap upon the table, her 
shoulders shaking with relentless cries. 

The world was spinning for Chasity, it couldn't sit with her, it
couldn't really be true. Her dad and Evan were really on their way 
home, or maybe she just hadn't woken up. That had to be it. Without a 
word of condolence or grief, she turned and dragged herself back to 
bed. With a heavy sigh, she sank into her sheets. Maybe when she woke 
up again, it would all be alright, for it was only a dream. It had to 
be. Her birthday was going to be magical, she could hardly wait.


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