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That's the Way the Rain Falls (standard:horror, 577 words)
Author: shadowsinflamesAdded: Dec 11 2003Views/Reads: 2166/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After a horrible experience, Shadows believes she has been given the gift of immortality, but immortality is a dream that can only plague not bless.

The rain fell upon my broken body, waking me from my deathlike state. I
rose, feeling naseau swell within me. This was definately not a good 
thing. I didn't remember much, only that I'd accepted a bad 
proposition, they'd offered me eternal life, and I couldn't say no. But 
that was all, everything else disappeared in a headache that throbbed 
from behind my eyes. 

I looked back at the grassy spot they'd left me, the few spots of shed
blood being washed away in the downfall of rain. Had I known that they 
were serious, I don't think I would have accepted. But I was foolish, 
obviously, and now I'm alone in this helluva storm. My body is 
throbbing as if I've cut myself with a thousand razors, but there's not 
a mark on it, though from the pain, I'd expect there to be. 

'Shadows,' a soft childlike voice called from inside of my mind, a voice
that shouldn't have been there. For a moment, I felt like bolting 
though I knew that would do no good, the voice was inside me, a part of 
me, and I could not flee. Accepting that I couldn't run broke something 
inside me, and I had to sit down, try to figure out what was going on. 

'Shadows,' the voice was more insistent, annoyed at me for ignoring it.
I closed my eyes and shook my head, praying it would go away, as the 
rain soaked through my torn clothes. Then I opened my eyes to see a 
figure materialize from the rain. When I looked at him, chills 
descended upon my body. His dark blue eyes held mine, the promises made 
in them, I couldn't deny. There was no doubt, he was the one who had 
given me this 'new' life. So I rose to my feet, slipping a bit in the 
mud that was forming, and reached for him imploringly. I was like a 
child reaching for my father, I needed the support right now. With a 
smile that revealed perfect teeth, complete with a set of glistening 
fangs, he held me close to him, ignoring my shivering frame. Then 
slowly we began to walk, him patient with my staggering steps, I was so 
out of balance, I felt ashamed. 

That was when I noticed, I wasn't getting wet from the rain any longer.
It was still storming, but I was beginning to dry, everywhere that we 
stepped, the rain seemed to fall short. I looked at him with 
bewilderment in my eyes, but he ignored me with an amused twitch of his 
stern lips. I knew it for sure, he was my new 'father'. He would take 
care of me, he would help me understand, he was even protecting me from 
the storm. 

At least that's the way it should have been, there was no offer, no
promises, and no father as the rain soaked my broken form. There hadn't 
been any vampires, eternal life, or new rising for me. I was walking 
home from work as usual, enjoying the gentle spray of the storm when 
the car lost control. He wasn't used to rain, I had to assume, it made 
the roads slick, just wet the oil on the surface. I caught a glimpse of 
bright blue eyes frozen in terror as he veered wildly towards me. Then 
there was nothing but a throbbing headache and the dull realization 
that it was over. Or was it?


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