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Rapunzel (My Version) (youngsters:poetry, 267 words)
Author: Rashmi MannAdded: Jan 12 2004Views/Reads: 4196/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My humorous version of the story

Rapunzel (My Version) 

Rashmi Mann 

A girl lived there 

With beautiful hair 

She lived in a tower 

Which had a special shower 

The tower was owned by a witch 

Who did nothing but stiched. 

Rapunzel liked to dance 

On a music called Trance 

When in wintry days the witch was cozy 

Rapunzel used to put the music and be very noisy 

The witch used to say, Oh, please, don't make that noise 

If you don't make it, I'll give you a hundred toys. 

I don't want toys, Rapunzel said 

Instead she said I want to dance with boys 

Rapunzel - Hey, give me a car 

I want to go to a bar 

I'll drink pepsi-cola 

And I'll surely play Tumbola. 

This story went on for years and years 

Till Rapunzel left drinking beer 

But started eating pears 

The witch had died for sure 

Because she could'nt be cured 

By a fever, which made her shiver. 

Now Rapunzel was old 

But still she was bold 

With her boldness she caught a prince 

And made him eat stale quince. 

She told him you have to marry me 

She said - If you don't I'll make you a pea 

Prince - Oh please don't do that, I have already been a bird 

Instead you take my most precious golden sword 

Rapunzel - I don't want any sword, all I want is you 

Prince - But I already have a wife named Marylou 

Rapunzel made the prince bend 

And nobody knows what happened in the end 

But surely everybody knows that the story ends with a The End. 

copyright@ Rashmi Mann


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