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Daisy (youngsters:other, 989 words)
Author: Pitter PatAdded: Jan 28 2004Views/Reads: 3302/1679Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Julie and Crystal make a new friend.

“Hey Julie, there's a new girl in our class this year,” Crystal said as
she examined the class list on the school registration table. “Her name 
is Daisy Chadock.” 

“I know Crystal, she moved into the house where Becky Harman use to

“What? Becky moved? She can't move! Who will be in our small group for
study time? Becky knew all the answers to the math problems. We need 

“Sorry, she can and already did move,” Crystal said as she picked up the
list of classroom supplies.  “Mom isn't going to like this, we need a 
lot of notebooks.” 

“They have some neat notebooks on sale at Wal-mart. Have you met Daisy?
Is she smart?” 

Julie wrinkled her nose then turned and walked outside. Crystal quickly
followed, “Is there something wrong with her?  Is she weird?” 

As she unchained her bicycle, Julie answered. “She wouldn't be any fun.
It could never be like it was with you, me, and Becky. The three of us 
could never ride bikes together or have adventures." 

"Why not?" 

"She's in a wheel chair. Can you imagine having to push her wheelchair
around the playground or on a field trip?” Getting on her bicycle, 
Julie rode toward home. 

Crystal quickly unchained her bicycle. “Wait up, Julie.  Maybe we will
find someone else to be our third person for small groups.” 

Soon the first day of school arrived.  Crystal and Julie were happy to
be in Miss Ellison's class. She was a young teacher. Last year her 
class did a lot of fun things.  Daisy was not in the classroom when the 
bell rang.  The girls were relieved. Maybe she had been put in a 
special class. 

“Good Morning class,” began Miss Ellison. 

“Good morning!” replied the class. 

“I have someone special for you to meet.” She walked over to the door
and opened it. Principal Evans pushed a wheel chair into the room. 

“Oh no...” whispered Julie. 

“Shhh!” replied Crystal. 

“Class, this is Daisy Chadock. Daisy has moved here from Texas and is
living with her grandparents. I'm sure she will have many interesting 
things to tell us about where she lived and went to school.  Daisy, our 
tables seat three students to form small study groups. You will study 
with Julie Jackson and Crystal Martin.” 

Julie and Crystal looked at each other then rolled their eyes. Miss
Ellison pushed Daisy's wheel chair to their table. She moved the extra 
chair to the corner and smiled. “I know you girls will make Daisy feel 

The girls smiled at each other. Miss Ellison gave them an assignment to
write about their summer vacation and all quietly began working on 
their paper. Soon Miss Ellison asked the students to read their paper 
to the class.  Jimmy had gone to visit his grandparents, Kevin went to 
a zoo, and Sue and Beth had gone to Girl Scout Camp.  Julie told how 
she and her family spent the week at the lake. Crystal proudly reported 
she and her family had gone to the city and toured several museums. 

When Miss Ellison asked Daisy to read her paper, everyone was surprised.
Daisy had gone to Disneyland! She told of the many fun shows and rides. 

Julie gave her a questioning look. “What?” Daisy asked. 

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