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The Bigwheel (youngsters:humor, 2740 words)
Author: audonickAdded: Feb 09 2004Views/Reads: 3552/2002Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is how a simple trike known as the bigwheel can be used by some very creative children

One of the most popular tricycles that has ever been made is the
bigwheel. This trike, constructed entirely of plastic with a large 
front wheel, two wide racing slicks on the back, and an adjustable seat 
on a sleek body. This style has been the rave for years by all kids in 
neighborhoods throughout the country. This tricycle, being nearly 
indestructible and safe in the hands of "normal" children, is a 
favorite among parents  as well. They buy it willingly for their  
children knowing that the bigwheel will be around for years to come. I 
guess we weren't quite normal.  Possibly it was the environment in 
which we grew up. You see, the bigwheel was meant to be ridden on 
sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. 

I guess that's where it all started. Throughout our four acres of
property, there wasn't one paved place to ride our bigwheel. Why the 
P's (meaninng the parents) ever bought the thing was a mystery to me, 
and in the end, it probably was as much a mystery to the P's as well. 
It all started innocently enough. It had been raining for a couple of 
days and the house, no matter how big it was, just wasn't large enough 
for three kids, two yapping poodles, and the cat. Mom was really 
starting to get frazzled. After about the hundredth trip up and down 
the cellar stairs, slamming the door on each occasion, mom finally 

"Why don't you kids just go out and play?"  It sounded more like a plea
than a question. We looked at her as if we thought she had lost her 
mind. Carl ran to the window to see if the rain had--by some miracle-- 

"But Mommy, it's still raining out. We can't go outside in this," Virgil

"Just go out and play. Why don't you guys go play on the porch? At least
you would get some fresh air," she said. At that moment all mom was 
interested in was getting us out of the house and out of her hair for a 

"Okay Mommy we'll go outside and play," we all chimed, and out the front
door we went. 

Well, we got outside and soon the novelty wore off. Sure the front porch
was big, it wrapped around the better part of the house, and was 
probably ten feet wide, but there just wasn't anything to do. 

"Man, there ain't nuthin' to do out here," Virgil said. 

"Maybe I'll just go in and read," I said. 

"Maybe Mom will let us watch TV," Virgil said. 

"I don't think so. She just about had a conniption before she sent us
out here. I think she'll totally wig out if we ask her to watch TV." 

"I got an idea. Why don't we see if Mom will let us ride the bigwheel
out here?  Travis, go ask her," Bev said. 

"Okay, be right back," I said. 

Looking back, it seemed like a harmless request so I really didn't have
a problem asking her. I found Mom at the kitchen table. It seemed as 
though she were  regaining her composure; she didn't even flinch when 
the office door slammed. 

"Mom, can we ride the bigwheel?" I asked. 

"Its raining out, I don't want you kids off the front porch," she stated

"But Mom, we can ride it on the porch?  It's probably the only place we
can ride it. It's the closest thing to pavement that we have. Besides 
its plenty big enough." I said. 

"Okay, but just be careful. I don't want anybody getting killed out
there," she said matter-of-factly. 

One thing about Mom, she never said "don't get hurt."  Getting hurt

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