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broken sphere (standard:romance, 2608 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Feb 19 2004Views/Reads: 2190/1234Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Is love always peaceful? Think again…

Is love always peaceful? Think again... 

Chapter 1: The Letters 

John is tidying up his desk, suddenly he chance upon a few blue
envelopes in a file. It has been left to collect dust on the surface 
for quite sometime. As he held up the letters and began staring at 
them, slowly began to recall the past – his exciting secondary school 
life and how he had known Jessica, from the same class in secondary 

She went overseas to further her studies while he continued his
education in a local institution after their O levels. They kept in 
contact through exchanging letters via snail mail, and each letter 
meant so much to him. No matter how far they were apart, they would 
always try to find time to send one another letters and cards. They 
seldom get to meet online, and whenever they meet online, either party 
will be too busy to respond. Though there were times when they did 
manage to chat, each chat would usually only last for less than 15 
minutes with little to talk about. Silence usually stayed through 
almost the entire conversation, overwhelmed by excitement of being able 
to talk to one another. 

Years passed, they stopped sending one another letters and slowly their
communication ceased to exist ever since he was enlist into National 
service for two and a half years. Despite his effort to get her 
whereabouts, no information about her could be located. 

As he was still recollecting the past, the phone suddenly rang. It was
time for him to go out and meet his good pal for a movie that 
afternoon. He quickly shove the letters away into the drawer, changed 
into a army green sleeveless top and jeans before rushing out of the 
room into the living room to wear his shoes, before taking a run to the 
lift lobby. He arrived just in time to catch the lift ascending to the 
ground level. 

He met up with his good pal, Peter, who has been waiting impatiently in
his ford for quite sometime. Peter is an average build person standing 
at 1.72m, with a photo genetic look. Works hard for his company and 
hopes to earn his first million by age 30. He works for his money and 
strategies. Now he owns a ford, and it makes traveling easier for him 
too. He has to travel between his chains of stores everyday, even on 
his off days. A well-liked person, though can be impatient at times, he 
makes a caring friend whom John can confide in with his personal 
thoughts. They are good friends since their university days, sharing 
the same room and taking care of one another like brothers. 

He open the car door and sat inside, fastened the seat belt and they
sped off to Orchard Cathay Cineplex for a blockbuster hit. Gladly for 
them, John had already done online ticketing and they just have to 
present their printout to collect the tickets. 

On the trip there, Peter asked him what took him so long to get ready
when they have agreed to meet at three in the afternoon at the car park 
of his apartment. He said nothing, except that he wish not to talk 
about it. 

That set Peter's mind racing. Why is he so solemn today? He should be
happy about starting work in two days time at a local internet service 
provider as a website content manager. Though not a high paying job, 
but it is something worth celebrating since the job market has yet to 
improve with very little job vacancies. 

Peter on himself owns a chain of stores selling craft hobby items. He
has since expanded his business with 10 stores across the country, with 
more in the pipeline. He had once asked John about joining his company 
as a website manager, but John declined the invitation. Despite that, 
their relationship as friends, remain solid and strong. Both came from 
average families. 

After some time of silence, John finally broke it. He decided to tell
him that it was Jessica on his mind. After telling him that, he seek 
apology from Peter for being late. Peter accepted the apology after 

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