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the roaming world (standard:romance, 3312 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Feb 19 2004Views/Reads: 2295/1494Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about a guy who fell in love with a someone so near yet so far… In a hospital ward… after he was warded suffering from an injury during his daily sports…

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and my cross-stitches. I wish I had them with me now so that I can 
continue with it as a way to defocus from my lower leg that is giving 
me all the pain and bad feeling. 

I was feeling regretful also from not getting a good warm up before I
began jogging... I did not stretch my legs well. While jogging, my eyes 
were not fully focused while jogging as I was looking around for birds 
and maybe joggers like me. 

Ha, after jogging into the fifth round around the 500m long track,
before I fell. Thought it was not serious and it ended up the other way 
round. How bad can a day be? I asked myself. Think I should just try to 
recuperate back to normal while I spend sometime in the hospital 
thinking about what I need to do when I return to school. There will 
surely be lots of reading up to be done. 

With that in mind, I decided to get my brother to bring all my notes to
the hospital ward so that I could do my revision while recuperating, 
the following day. However, I could only use my afternoons to do 
revision since then morning is chaotic to me. I can see doctors and 
nurses busy moving from place to place surveying the patients and 
assisting them in getting better. 

My appetite got better as I progressed each day, and soon a week was
gone. It is nearing Valentines Day. How I wish I could find a girl I 
like. As, I was thinking about how to celebrate my valentines if I were 
to be staying in the hospital or at home. Then, after a few winks of 
the brain, I saw a young nurse – I suppose a student nurse, coming by. 
I came to realize it was time for medication. I took the tablets from 
her and smiled at her. She smiled back sweetly. Then, I was at 
point-blank –  what has struck me? Oh no, could it not be that this 
nurse is the same nurse who administered me for my admission that 
evening? Seems like it, then I blurted out “thank you!”. 

As she moves on to help other patients with the medicine dosages, I
decided to probe myself into observing her even more. She spawns 
shoulder length straight hair, nice tint, has a very nice slim shape 
and a nice personality with average looks and tan. She seems to be like 
the kind of girl I like. 

From that day I started spotting her presence, I got the feeling that I
have started to fall in love in a white angel! Whoa, a white angel – I 
began calling her Jo-Jo. Her name is Joan Huang, a nice girl. When she 
is assisting me, I will have to chance to chat with her for a while and 
there she has to go back to her duties. And when she is working the 
morning shift, she will usually go over to my bed side to talk to me. 
From the way she treats the patients, I can sense her keenness in 
helping those people in need. I really love her for her personality 
more than anything else does. 

As Valentines Day drew nearer, I decided to take up the courage to get
her some roses. On the second last day to Valentines Day, I sneaked 
down to the floral shop at the lobby area to place an order for nine 
blue roses – her favorite color is blue. I was lucky not to get caught. 

The day after, I was finally given the green light to move around.
However, I could not be discharged, still need to stay in the ward for 
another week. On that day when I spotted her, I called her over to my 
bed and ask if she could spare me some time the following day. She 
surprised me with a yes. This means she is going to be on duty and that 
she is not attached. 

Armed with a sense of accomplishment, I could not bring myself to sleep
that night. The following day came; we met after her work in the ward. 
Decided to bring her down to the Japanese Koi pond area within the 
wards building. We sat by the pond with my bouquet of nine roses by the 
pond side. She was holding to them the moment I gave them to her when I 
saw her that morning. It is now in the afternoon. We talked and laugh 
about things that happen to us over our past 18 years. At a certain 
point in our conversation, I asked her:”Hey Jo! I have a crush on you, 
since the day we met. Hope that you love the blue roses too!” 

“Uh ...“blushed, she stopped with her jaws left open as she ran through
her mind to think of constructive sentences to say. However, it was a 
love at first sight, I observed her for a long period before making the 
first move. 

After about five minutes, she replied “Hey Jasen, erm, ok, shall we make
this our first date? Since we are beginners and we kind of click why 
not just give it a go at the relationship?” 

Feeling a little shocked by her calm replies, I thought for a while too.
“Alright, it's a good idea. I doubt there are many couples who will 
have first dates in the hospital”. As I said that, both of us started 
to laugh. 

At the pond, we chatted non stop for about an hour before I feel that I
may have to go back to the ward before Sister1 Carlen starts looking 
for me. She is a very nice and gentle Nurse; think she is quite old 

She brought me back to the ward, and there I saw Sister sitting there at
the cubicle talking with one of the patients. As we step in, she looked 
up and saw us holding hands. The look on her face was not pleasant. 
Well, what could we do? Nothing, we just did what we had to do a hug 
and a kiss. Then I bid her good bye before she left. 

Sister came over to me and asked me what I was up to with her girls. I
just told her the truth about liking her and what are my plans after I 
go back to school. Was deciding on spending more time with her so am 
considering nursing too. However, what inspired me to go into this once 
hated by myself course was that I like the way the nurses care for 
patients and it was something I came to liked during my stay. I had 
also done a soul searching before I came to a final decision about 
making this great leap. 

Upon returning to a week later, we continue meeting one another in
school for lunch. We stayed near one another – just a few train 
stations away in the east. Every day, we get to see one another home 
too. Upon knowing that I also do cross-stitches, she dared me to do 
cross-stitches during our long hour breaks. We also spend hours on it 
every Sunday and sometimes instead of doing cross – stitch we will go 
for sports like swimming and cycling. On Saturdays, we will hang out at 
her home doing revision. Her parents did not notice anything not right. 
They were usually out on Saturdays on cruise while she chose to stay 
home to do her revision. Therefore, I had the honor of keeping her by 
my side. 

As the term test neared, on weekends, we will be at my place as I asked
her to stay overnight at my place so that we could study until late at 
night. While doing that, I secretly went to ask the school for a 
transfer of diploma. I was told to submit an application form, which 
the application will be processed after the semester exams. 

Therefore, with that done I was all set to study doubly hard and try to
score distinctions too. Our time together did not shorten; we were even 
closer during the exam period. Though we had took different diplomas, 
we stuck together and I stayed overnight at her place during the exam 
period for keeping her accompanied. I kept the idea tight lip sealed 
from her. It was hard to keep it tight sealed as keep secrets has 
always not been easy for me – especially personal secrets... those 
decision types. 

When the term test was over, we took sometime off to spend together for
fun and games. We went to Sentosa for 2days overnight stay at a chalet. 
The expenses were bore by her parents as a way to encourage her in her 

After the one-week long break, we were back in school. The war to the
end of the semester began; it was a tough fight for me having many 
assignments. She on the other hand had lots of clinical practice coming 
up during the long holidays, however before that; they have many 
personal assignments to complete. Therefore, we decided the only time 
too really sit down to chat would only be during the weekends. 

We ended up using the weekends for chatting instead of revision – with
daily revision and assignments to keep us busy there is no other reason 
to say that we are not to do other things apart from studies. 

Chapter 3 – New Life 

Everything was going fine right up to the semester exams. During the
exam week, we did not have time to meet or even camp at one another's 
home. We were too busy to do so. 

With that, we got through our semester exam. After the exams, the
results were released 3 weeks later. Both of us scored distinctions and 
we were very happy. We celebrated the occasion with dinner at Snoopy 
Place in Plaza Singapura. 

With her vacation hospital attachment, I kept myself busy with training
and picking her up after work to go shopping and dinner. This went on 
for 2 months, one month for her attachment, the other we did sports 

Finally, a week before the new semester is about to begin... I received
the letter of enrolment. I showed her the letter. She was shocked at 
first. However, she decided to scold me for keeping her in the dark. 
However, she was in joy that I wanted to join nursing. Moreover, she 
was keen on knowing what had got me so interested in this course? I 
gave her the same reasons I have told Sister before.  She understood 
what I said and I gave my apology for keeping her in the dark. While 
telling her, I wanted to give her a surprise as a birthday gift. 

With just one more week to go before the commencement of school, we
decided to use this time to better prepare ourselves with our knowledge 
of what is to come in the new semester. So she suggested that she will 
tutor me on what she was taught in the previous semester. While I will 
teach her some IT skills just in case she may need them for her 


School reopened, in July. We were back in school. This time I started as
a Year 1 Nursing student while she is a Year 2 Nursing student. We got 
closer together and were like magnets. However we know our limits, and 
never gone too far off. 

Life was a brisk, with time spend on revision and sports everyday. We
were literally living together – I would usually camp over night at her 
place like before. 

We will do our revision together and during my vacation hospital
attachment, I got to work together with her throughout my year 1 
attachment during the vacation. However, as we were both devoted to 
rendering care to the patients, we seldom talk during attachment hours. 

We enjoyed one another's company and had a great time. Life was not
lasting though... 

Chapter 4 – Reflection 

At the end of her Year 2 and my Year1, she told me a sad piece of news.
Her parents have decided that they would like her to go aboard to 
continue her studies half way off from her current diploma. They felt 
that a foreign environment will aid her in completing her degree 
faster. And less stressful for her. She had no choice but to agree to 
their plans. In addition, she decided that we should maybe just keep in 
touch. Our love may have been long – about 1 and a half years, was a 
very meaningful one to both of us. It has left a deep impact on us, 
until then it was the last time I met her. I have decided not to 
contact her after that. I told her that maybe we could just end our 
relationship here, she will continue with her studies there while I 
complete mine here. 

To help in not breaking our hearts further, I made a painful decision
not to send her off. When my parents asked me why Joan is no longer 
coming over to our house on alternate weekends, I broke the news that 
we are no longer together. She has left for Australia and that I have 
no regrets knowing her at all. I love her deep in my heart, but was 
willing to let her go. I believe that we have gone thus far and if we 
are fated to meet, again we shall and will. 

Life continued as usual during my 2-month long vacation – with 1 month
of attachment and my constant training in sports. 

1-month later... 

Do I miss her? I asked myself while I was jogging along the same path
that I fell down 2 over years ago... Though I used to frequent the 
tracks, I hardly bother with my memories. My steps slowed down... 

Jogged on for a bit more and decided to rest against a rain tree nearby.
There I began to really have flash backs of my past, from the day I 
know her to the day she left me. I have many fond memories I treasured 
during the times we were together. They were unforgettable. As I have 
been holding on to her and treating her nice, I feel that letting go 
was as easy as ever... having been loved and given the loved, it is 
always nice to let it go when it has to go... 

I closed my eyes and began to sink in deeper into my thoughts. Suddenly,
I can feel someone patting on my shoulders. “Who was that?” I asked. 

“who else?” came this familiar voice. As I looked up, I saw her... What
was she doing here, I asked myself... Am I dreaming or am I seeing her 
standing in front of me in real life? 

Things were unclear... Suddenly I fainted... 



Thanks for your interest in reading this slightly lengthy story,
spanning six chapters, about 8 pages long, one of my longest I think. 
Hopes it is not too crappy, love this story very much as I wrote it.  
Along the way, I have to try to think of the plots, relevance and the 
events taking place with the time settings. It is not always an easy 
task writing stories though it is the fun that counts. To those out 
there who would like to do story writing, read novels. Get inspirations 
and start writing your own world. 

That is about all I would say, hope that you enjoy... Till the next


Written: 17 Jan 04 – 18 Feb 04 


1 Sister – Staff nurse of the ward.


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