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the roaming world (standard:romance, 3312 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Feb 19 2004Views/Reads: 2241/1444Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about a guy who fell in love with a someone so near yet so far… In a hospital ward… after he was warded suffering from an injury during his daily sports…

Disclaimer: All character whether dead or alive is in no relation to the


This is a story about a guy who fell in love with a someone so near yet
so far... In a hospital ward... after he was warded suffering from an 
injury during his daily sports... 

Chapter 1 – The Accident 

The accident has caused a big impact on my life... Ever since the day I
stepped into the hospital ward as a patient, my life has gotten a 
drastic change. I came to know this young woman by the name of Joan. 
She is a student pursuing a Diploma in Nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic. 

She is a Student Nurse doing clinical practice in the Ward I was
staying. I came to know her when she administered my admission in the 
ward. I was happy to know such a nice nurse about my age. We were both 
18 years old, as recall. We were coincidentally in the same school. 
However, we do not get to meet at all. I am not like my fellow guy 
friends who love to go around babe watching over at the Health Science 
School. As always, I would be sitting alone during lunchtime in the 
food court having lunch by myself. However, I love the idea of being 
alone... It helps me in thinking up good project ideas. 

That was before I came to know her. Ever day, after school I would go
straight home. I live in the east and would require a lot of time to be 
spend on traveling. During these hours, they would be spent on thinking 
up ideas or working on my cross-stitch pieces, while listening to the 
CD player. I would often invite stares from commuters who were stunned 
to see a guy actually doing cross stitch... However, that stare would 
not last long. Just a few minutes and it would be back to normal. It 
was a way for me to train my concentration and my patience in working 
on something relatively slowly since I am not that apt in doing 

Once I reach home, I will put down my bag; change into my running or
swimming gear and get set for my sports activities, alternating between 
running and swimming. Cycling would go well only when I have the mood 
to cycle around the neighborhood. 

After I am done with my sports I will be back home for dinner and then
its time for revision. I would usually take about 2hours everyday for 
revision and preparation for tutorial classes. 

I seldom skip lessons, as I doubt the need to do so since I am really
leaving very far from school. 

In late January while I was doing my weekly jogging, I suddenly slid and
fell. Pain was hitting down hard on my lower left leg... What am I to 
do? I asked myself, as I could not even get up with that biting pain... 
At that time, there were not many joggers around. I tried after several 
attempts to be myself up with the use of a wooden branch I found which 
perhaps could support my weight. I limped all the way with some blood, 
bruise on both leg, and walked myself home. 

Upon reaching home, I cleansed and bandaged my wound – I was a first
aider back in secondary school, before seeking further medical help as 
I was just too tired to do so. Being complacent ended me in the 
hospital hours later; after I ate my dinner then I slowly stroll with 
the help of my mother to the nearby clinic to have a check up done by 
the doctor. 

The doctor did some examination and I got a scolding by him for moving
too much and not knowing that I have a little fracture on my left lower 
bone. It was not bad, just a small little crack that has caused quite a 
lot of pain. He got me admitted into the hospital immediately. 

Chapter 2 – Love on Valentines? 

I was warded on 7 February, the day I injured myself during my daily
sports routine. 

As I lie on the bed of the ward, I could not sleep. I miss my computer

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