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Blame (standard:non fiction, 609 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Feb 21 2004Views/Reads: 1933/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Blame, everyone wants to blame someone else for all of our problems. Just something I wrote because of how I was feeling at that time, about people who will not take blame for thier own actions.


Jonathan Pettus 

Someone is fucked up in the world today. Everything is crashing in
around us and we don't even realize that our world is in one big state 
of decay. Who can we blame it on so we can ask them how to make it ok? 
Just follow that long trail of paperwork and it will slowly lead back 
to everybody, but there is the problem my friend! Throwing blame around 
like it is shitty weed. So let's get along, light the bong, and just 
maybe we can break this mother-fucking trend. 

If we keep throwing around blame all this pain is going to continue to
pour like the rain in a hurricane! We need to find an answer to this 
cancer, but just like the crabs on a whore it all keeps growing faster. 
Fuck the solution! It isn't in a church or a money hungry pastor who's 
just posing as the dirty White House devil in wolves clothing. Like 
fear and loathing, their ain't no American dream, we need to come 
together as a team, we're busting at the seams, I know ya'll know what 
I mean, I'm going to be the first person to come up with the theory of 
a world dream. 

Place blame where you like. Say it's the kids on drugs, it's like this
you see; go ahead and blame all the pharmacies and government agencies 
as too why kids these days want to run around tweaking, tripping, and 
Rollin, off ecstasy. You see that every choice made by anybody effects 
everybody. So let's just be we and live in peaceful harmony. I do not 
mean to sound like a 70's style hippy. They had their day, now I'm 
fucked up, mixed up Jonny. This is our generation to bring our own 
freaky hippy-X-type stylee. 

Stereotypical trends; Calling those who we do not know something we
think they are. Means were judging because were scared of all these 
different stylees. So we set up bars, so here is the message that I 
want to send; 

A group of friends, is that all you think there really is? Do you think
they will be there when this world comes to an end, all that will come 
is good if we all befriend and their will be no end? Hell, go ahead say 
I'm depressed. Thinking of nothing but mankind's death, you need to 
take a rest. Think of the best, what do you think this cracker is 
doing? Why do you think I am flowing? I'm trying to get you “government 
sheep” to come out of your corral with some kind of hope so you don't 
wind up in disappointment crying and moaning. Just doing what I can to 
bring this fucked up world something worth while so you can smile. Man, 
we would be rolling in style, if we just go that extra mile and fix our 
foolish morals. Sometimes I even wonder why I even try to bring all 
these rhymes, and bring myself all this fucking toil. 

Just be yourself don't give into the trend, you will find wealth, when
honesty is what you send. Nobody will be pulling the deuce, deuce out 
the trunk of their car, cause maybe people will start to be just a 
little more friendly, but sadly I find that people are to scared from 
their comfortably numb ways. They do not want to stray too far. So fuck 
it... Bradley and Easy E, where's the fucking deuce deuce? Where ya' 
think cracker, the trunk of my low rider. Why can't this world see that 
every generation they produce a worse batch of fighters?


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