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Fighting for your right not to vote (standard:Satire, 825 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Feb 27 2004Views/Reads: 2426/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If on November 5th. What do you think would happen if no one at all voted. Would the white house panic and shoot more missles. At us this time since we are now the enemy.

Thinking Too Much By: Jonathan Pettus “Fighting for the right not too

Why do we let politicians run our lives? Do we still need parents,
telling us what to do? If we learn from history??? Like we are supposed 
too then... 


...We would see that all politicians do is start fights. Granted they do
try and fix their fuck-ups. The funny thing is, there is always another 
politician somewhere doing something that will piss another politician 
off. God knows someone has too flex their balls so they can prove their 
manhood. Also prove that their right and smarter.?.?. The best way a 
politician knows how to do this is by shooting a missile. 


1. Missile never kills person (politician) who has supposedly drawn the
attack. So guess what? The innocent die, die, die, die and die. 

2. The person launching the attack. Does he/she really have the right
stuff too pass judgment? What makes this asshole so goddamn perfect? 

3. Does someone's personal preference give them the right too tell
another person what their personal preference should be? DOES YOUR 
CONSCIENCE BOTHER YOU? (LYNRYRD SKYNRYD) Some people just do not want 
too look at their own faults. So they waste their life ruining somebody 

4. The bombs are getting bigger and badder. Therefore we are not going
too have any land left too bomb. THINK ABOUT THAT BUSH! 

Politician is just another label we stick on people who have names. It
happens on the smaller scale too. It just so happens that when the 
politician people do it, they hold the fate of me and you in the palm 
of their hands. 

Why are “we the people” sitting on our asses and letting them do it? 

Peace rallies are good, but they also have a stigma attached to them.
They give the poly-people more ammunition to argue! Therefore basically 
wasting time.- JUST THINK ABOUT IT! The circle of life goes on. It also 
creates more sides to differ, and by the next week the rally is 

Maybe a massive non-vote would work. What do you think they would do if
absolutely no one voted? We do have the right not too vote. If on 
November 5th no one at all went too the polls then I really think that 
would leave the politicians in the White House dumbfounded. (AS USUAL) 
I do not even think that I would trust myself with all that money in 
the White House and all that power floating around. It is almost an 
insult too say that we need politicians too tell us how too run our 

“we have to sustain a working government,” as they say. Well I say fuck
off you self indulged cunts! 

Why do these pricks, when in fact, well in fact I can not even say what
they really do because they will not tell us. So why am I asking why? 
Politicians say we are better off not knowing for our own protection. 
Yet they want too know everything about us! I wonder if I would be 
allowed to put cameras in the White House? Monitor their every move. Do 
you think that would go over well with Bush? Really I am not a dumb 
ass. Honestly, I really do not think that he would let me. Sounds like 
a case of do as I say and not as I do! Oh, Bush left a message saying, 
“HA HA, Fuck you!” 

YEP, SOUNDS LIKE FREEDOM TO ME! Here we go with another fucking ditty! 

Monkey see, monkey do, follow the leader Bush, FUCK YOU. Life is what I
got! Get a map out and pick a spot. Drop a bomb while we cry victory! 
Babies in the bombed town cry because the ground is so hot! We wonder 
why all the kids turn too the peaceful plant pot. Shots here and there, 
starting verbally, but soon moving too the point of abusing physically! 
The abuse does not really happen too the ones we see on the television. 
The bashed in head with brains spilled out! Over a stupid peace, money, 
and oil 'bout! Please tell me why this soldier has too be a little 

OK, Think I am done with the ditty! 

MORAL, MORAL, MORAL, and well shit what's the use!?! 

In the ditty going from monkeys to babies. (DEAD BABIES) - (SPYING
MONKEYS). If you're confused, well I am too. This is how maybe wars get 
started? We have a culture and believe in it. Due too the fact that we 
were reared this way. This is all well and good. Now turn the tables. 
How do you think the Muslims feel? Just think about it, but then again, 
I'm just thinking too much right? Peace your friend for life, Jonathan.


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