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A Poem For the President (standard:Satire, 543 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Feb 28 2004Views/Reads: 2595/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I was thinking of the president one day, and I decided to write him a poem. Sometimes you ?CAN? love your president and just want to honor him.

Thinking Too Much “A Little Poem too the President” By: Jonathan Pettus 

It's just like magic. You turned 18! With just a little practice, you
can kill, pop a Government Issue pain pill, and the sorrow from taking 
another human life will all disappear! So have no fear! 

Oh shit, I just can't wait, their going to ship you back too the good
old' U.S.A. Forget about you because they just don't give a damn when 
their done with you. Missing a leg or maybe an arm. Guess what it's ok 
because Saddam we did disarm! Just took back the weapons we gave him 
for the forgotten soldiers of Vietnam. 

It has to be worth it because I can fill my car up and it just don't
take as much money to put gas in my tank! Thank god for all that blood 
spilled! The money I save is going to go straight too the bank! 

Now the media has a story to tell because the soldier in charge moved up
in rank! while the president sits back and laughs because all of 
society's fish he has fed once again in his little fish tank! Label me 
what you will, but my name is Jon. You can take the truth in this 
little song straight too the bank. C'mon ask me again why I light the 

Mr. President, you may be right or you may be wrong. The country you
think you run, hell it just may be strong. Now I listen too you all the 
time. So take a well deserved break from your war plans. Sit back and 
listen to this little rhyme that's coming from me. This killing shit 
has become too much of a disease. You have a flu shot for that? I bet 
not! God-damn when is this shit going to stop? Oh well, hell, I guess 
your on top. 

The opposite of being on top is being on bottom. T-O-P, turn the shit
around, P-O-T. Am I saying I am on bottom? The bottom bet I'm feeling 
high. I don't kill anybody too get my position in life. So bye America, 
God bless you, but I'm sick of your baby wanna-be Hitler style shit. 
Kiss my ass, because on your dreams for a one-world society I am going 
to have too pass! Like I said before, what's your name? Hey, I am 
Jonny. Why can't my presidential buddy be friendly with me? 

Maybe I can tell you why. With his standards I do disagree, but I'm
willing to be his friend. All I want to do is get ya'll white house 
idiots to realize difference is what makes life beautiful! Open mind, 
we are all human kind! C'mon lets break this fucking stupid trend! I 
always speak the truth and that's why with no one I will ever have too 
make amends! One thing I will not do in life is pretend! Pre-war-T-Top 
of the war-End this goddamn war! It is really becoming too much of a 

Life I do adore! Never make myself out too be fake. So no one's ass I
will have too nuclear bake! Call it population control. I call it 
immorality has become intentional! Peace your friend for life, 


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