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view in the storm (standard:drama, 378 words)
Author: Brittany.DAdded: Mar 09 2004Views/Reads: 1996/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Violent husband tyrannize his wife.

It rained. She sat there in the kitchen, her eyes fixed on the old oak,
wich was standing in the garden and fighted against the beginning 
storm. She never gave the tree her attention before. It was like some 
of the obvious  things on earth you never pay attention for. The tree 
simply has alwas been standing there. Normally she didn´t like big, old 
trees. They always had made her feel uncomfortable. Now, she found that 
the old oak had got something reassuring. She feeled kind of 
solidarity. The oak was ugly and she found it disgusting. Like her 
husband found her ugly and disgusting too. He often told her, even if 
he was not drunken. She lived for five years in the house and she was 
always able to overlook the oak, like Frank alwayas fail to notice her. 
Excepts the moments he was angry about something she did. Usually 
everything she did was wrong. “You´re disgusting me. You and this damn 
brat!” Silent tears passed her face, while she was thinking of the 
discussion on this morning. Gently she rubbed over her stomach. She was 
still slim. But knowing that a new life was growing in her, made her 
feel torn. She loved this baby, even it was not born yet. But she hated 
its dad. Suddenly the door was opened. Frank came in, staggering and 
with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Hey babe!” he shouted as he sat 
down on the chair in front of his wife. “No food?” he asked and looked 
around. “Thought you were coming later.”, she explained. “Women 
shouldn´t think they should do. Just do!” She stood up and went to the 
fridge. “Hamburger?” she asked. Frank nodded, while he was drinking his 
wine. “Damn slut.” he said, hardly audible. She paused. Then without 
thinking, she grasped the big pan and hit him. He got down. Blood 
covered the ground. “Damn bastard.” she said. Suddenly she felt free. 
She went the down the stairs to the cellar, took the gasoline and 
returned back to the kitchen. Frank was still knocked down. She wet the 
floor with the gasoline than she took her handbag and fetched the 
lighter. “Your daddy was a good man. He just died to early, sweety.” 


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