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Farewell My Friend (standard:poetry, 455 words)
Author: Megs and WillAdded: Dec 22 2000Views/Reads: 2217/5Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A friendshipd destroyed by love and death

I'd see him in the schoolyard And I'd kiss him with a smile, You could
never understand; Why he was even worth my while 

Everywhere he went, We'd follow him around But whenever we went near
him, I just couldn't make a sound 

I knew I couldn't have him He seemed too far out of reach, But he came
up to talk to you When we followed him to the beach 

You two sat there for hours, Quite content in each other whilst I sat
alone crying, Hiding under cover 

You promised you'd never take him Because you were my friend But you did
just that, u took him away, And that was just the end 

I loved him so much, I told you that too I told you it so often,
couldn't say you never knew 

The years have all gone by And I am still all alone The last time that
we talked, was when I abused you on the phone 

I wish I'd never seen him, I wish he'd never came Coz then we'd still be
friends, Then I'd still be sane 

It's been a year to the day exactly Since the day i died, It's been a
year to the day exactly Since last time I cried 

I told you I wouldn't handle it, I just couldn't bear the pain as i
gazed upon the shattered mirror with a reflexion full of shame 

just sitting there on my bed wondering if i'd be missed if only i didnt
have to die before i had been kissed 

as i look down at my hand not believing what i'd done i just sat there
thinking forgetting all the fun 

The pain just wasnt noticed neither was all the blood my emotions were
just spilling as though there was a flood 

i cried the whole time as the hours passed i was getting weaker as
though a spell was cast 

my eyes finally closed shutting out the light never to open again never
having to fight 

From the mighty sky above I saw those tears you cried, These tears so
caused by love that made me want to die 

why were you so stupid, why were you so blind why did u let him do this
and make me lose my mind 

You took him away from me, leaving me for him doing it for him, not for
me committing the greatest sin 

Farewell my friend this is all for you i hope that you are happy with
whatever you do 

im sure you will have fun with him and your new life now im sure you
wished you hadn't cut my heart out with a knife 

Farewell my friend 

By William and Meeghan


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