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Soccer Love Theme (standard:poetry, 172 words)
Author: Brad CoontoAdded: Mar 26 2004Views/Reads: 2577/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
She left me with this...

We went to a game, 

One I was not used too: 

Soccer.  It was her national sport. 

She said she played in high school. 

That made me feel old. 

High school and soccer... 

I became aware of my plight. 

The right wingback soccer player was Spanish too. 

Just like my dear lady friend, Sue. 

I watched, in awe, as he approached the box with care 

And a hungry, eager desperation. 

She squeezed my hand. 

“1-0!” they cried. 

But the referee umpire barked, “Offside.” 

That was our last date. 

I now watch soccer on TV, alone... 

When it is late, 

With my feet resting up 

On her favorite beer crate. 

The soccer love theme will play on 

Long after she and me have gone... 

Is this why the English have hooliganism? 

Because they are the ones with hearts shattered? 


Or it could be to get laid. 

Without the caring to give a damn! 

Like this players, there shall be others to share 

My Love. 

Oh yes. 

So, soccer love theme 



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