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thousand miles (standard:romance, 983 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Mar 26 2004Views/Reads: 2362/1193Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How are you feeling today?

Disclaimer: All characters featured in this story are fictional and have
no inclination to real life characters or events. 

Chapter 1  Life... 

School, work, sleep. Why? All the fuss? Exams, assignments and friends?
Do I need them? Well, the answer is I do not know. I live in a world of 
fast changing mode. Everything here requires one to work fast and on 
his feet. How I wish that would not be the case. That life is much more 
relaxing and nothing to fuss about. I am on a train heading for the 
city. My mind is full of unopened doors. I don't know what I want in 

Can I skip school? Get a couple of thousand from my parents and go on a
holiday never to come back again. How I wish for that. Settle down in 
an unknown land and start afresh. Life is not this way either. So how 
is life for me at present? I live in an apartment, with my parents, 
grandmother and a younger brother. 

Life is easy going for me, school on weekdays and work on weekends. For
my mother, she goes out and works as a seamstress everyday. My father 
works for a mobile firm, while my younger brother goes to school and 
tuition classes almost everyday. The only person who has a much way 
easier life than I do is my grandmother. She does not have to work, she 
just stays home most of the time watching tv, eat, sleep. During the 
day, she is seldom spotted at home. So no ones at home then. 

Thinking my life is easy going, yes it really is. School for me is
slacking time. I don't work hard. Everyday I will be at home playing 
games, otherwise out shopping. Doing nothing at all at times, skipping 
classes is a norm for me. If I ever get spotted in school, it will be a 
mere 2 to 4 hours of lessons. 

As I no longer enjoy life in school, I tend to avoid going to school. It
is no doubt hindering my learning, however I study at home. My most 
enjoyable lessons will be when I attend lab sessions. Other than that, 
I will be slacking at home. Only at night, will I be at my desk 

Chapter 2  My Friend 

I often feel left out in class, there is this student I know who would
always be shouting out answers for every question the teacher asks. I 
feel very sickened by his attitude. That has caused me to hate school 
even more. I really wonder how the teachers felt when such events 
happened. It just does not seem right that such events should occur. I 
was jealous, very jealous of him knowing the answers and being over 
enthusiastic at it. How I wish I can tolerate his behavior and 
challenge him. However, I feel inferior over him, He is too proud from 
his looks and felt that I should keep myself low while showing my true 
self only at a later stage. 

On weekends, I work at a home interiors store that sells home
furnishings, fabrics and craft materials. I know of a friend there, she 
is older than me by quite a few years. I know her when I joined the 
store as a part-time staff two years back. I came to know her only 
after I insulted her once. Thereafter, we became friends over time. We 
were not very good friends. However, as time went by, I came to know 
her better. She is a sporting person who frequents the gym at least 
three times a week. 

As school started a year ago for me, I only work on weekends and seldom
get to see her. This chance was very slim; at most it would be once a 
fortnight or never. Though I miss her, I also slowly developed a love 
for her. More recently, I had this idea of telling her I love her. I 
could feel the same effect of my past hitting hard on my shoulders. 

I had once also developed a love for my older cousin. I could remember
saying to myself, when I was in primary school that one day I will 
marry my cousin. As time gone by, this thought slowly diminished. This 
thought surfaced once more four years ago when she started dating her 
first boyfriend.  Now she is into her third boyfriend. Whenever, I see 
them together I will feel very uneasy. Somehow, this feeling surfaces 
every now and then. Now it is somehow under control and is slowly 

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