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The Vampire (standard:horror, 695 words)
Author: Justin_MullinsAdded: Apr 14 2004Views/Reads: 2312/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man saves a woman from being raped. But, the rescuer is one of those whose conscience is suppose to be non existant anymore.

It had been a long few weeks for the police department. Around town, a
serial rapist had been striking, without discrimination. The police had 
come close to catching him several times, but he had always managed to 
get the best of them. Tonight, he was striking again. Earlier in the 
afternoon, he had gotten behind an abandoned warehouse and pried open a 
boarded up window for later that night. He had his target and this was 
where it was happening later tonight. 

"Take off your clothes now!" a man ordered. He was in an abandoned and
relatively small building. You know the type, old and dusty, and 
boarded up windows with big spaces in between the boards. 

"Please just let me go," she said as she cried. 

"I'll let you go soon," the rapist said. "You just have to do what I
want. Now do it!" He put his finger on the trigger. 

The woman reluctantly and slowly pulled her shirt off. "Good," the
rapist said. "Now, your pants." 

The woman, still crying, did as she was ordered. Slowly, she moved her
hands towards her blue jeans and, even slower, started undoing her 

"Do it faster," the rapist said. "Hurry it----" As the rapist was
talking, something suddenly jumped through a boarded up window. The 
rapist and the woman looked at where whatever it was had bursted 
through the window. 

It was too dark by the window to tell what it was. But, it appeared to
be a human. But, how could a human have jumped through a boarded up 

"Let her go," the voice said from the shadows. Then, the source stepped
out into view. It was a man. Or at least appeared to be a man. He wore 
all black and had very pale skin. He even wore a strange looking cape. 

The rapist thought of the man as a freak. "Don't come near me, you
wierdo. Just leave us alone," the rapist said and pointed the gun at 
him. The man that had jumped through the window ignored him and started 
moving closer. "Stay away or I'll kill you! I'll do it!" The man still 
ignored him and moved even closer. 

Then, the rapist aimed and shot his gun at the man. The bullet zoomed
and hit the man in the stomach. Yet, he still walked towards him. The 
rapist fired about three more shots, all hitting him somewhere in his 
abdomen. Even more stranger, there was no blood to be seen. The strange 
man never hit the ground. 

The rapist backed away until his back was against the wall and there was
no where to go. The man who had jumped through the window never 
stopped, even after the man kept shooting him. The rapist pointed the 
gun at the man again as he neared him and tried to shoot. As he did, 
the gun just clicked, letting him know that it was empty. 

The man put a hand over his mouth and started making unusual noises in
his throat. Then he made a fist and took his hand away and put it out 
and opened it revealing the fired bullets. "I believe these are yours," 
the man said. 

"Stay away from me!" the rapist screamed. 

"I would," the man said. "But, you were doing something that was a crime
and I'm hungry." The man opened his mouth and revealed that he had 
fangs. Sharp ones. He grabbed the rapist and pushed him to the ground. 
The unknown man quickly got on his knees and got into a position that 
prevented the rapist from getting up. The man grabbed the rapist's head 
pulled until the neck was pulled tightly, and then sunk his fangs into 
the rapist's neck until the blood was mostly gone. The rapist was fully 

The fanged man released the body from his grasp and looked up at the
woman. The fanged man had turned pale white with blood dripping off his 
mouth. He seemed to have a wild look in his eye, but it went away. 
"I'm....sorry you had to see this." With that, the man ran from the 
warehouse into the dark night. 


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