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The Old Lady (standard:mystery, 378 words)
Author: veraelaineAdded: May 02 2004Views/Reads: 2894/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This a story about a brave little old lady who refuses to let one bad incident keep her down.

She was just a little old lady, about 60-65 years old.  She was a tiny
little lady with grey hair, and she walked with a cane.  No one knew 
anything about her past (mainly because she thought it no one's 
business) but she was as sweet as she could be, soft spoken, waved and 
said hello to everyone she met. 

Once a month, she would slowly walk to the liquor store next door, to
cash her social security check.  One day, just as she was leaving the 
store, a stranger came behind her and snatched her purse.  When the 
lady tried to hold on the the strap, the man seemed to hiss at her, 
slapping her across the face. The police took statements, and all her 
information, while promising to get back with her.  To date, she hadn't 
heard anything. 

For a while the little old lady stopped speaking, as a matter of fact,
she wasn't even seen for a few weeks.  Strange noises were coming from 
her apartment.  Whenever anyone knocked, she would say she was okay, 
just not receiving visitors right now.  (Maybe she was too afraid to 
venture out). 

Well, the day came when she re-emerged from her apartment, a little
stiff in one arm.  She seemed to walk a little more cautiously into the 
liquor store.  When she walked out, do you know the same fiend was 
there trying to snatch her purse again? He must have watching her, 
waiting to see when she would cash her checks.  Well, he should have 
paid attention to that stiff arm because as he tried to spin her around 
by the purse strap, a butcher knife slid down her sleeve to her hand.  
He stood in shock as she gave him two quick, deep slices on the arm.  
(Do you suppose she had been watching him watch her?) 

In their statements to the police, the clerks at the liquor store said
they only saw a skirmish, they didn't see any knife. 

By the way, the old lady never did cash anything at the store.  She went
in, walked around, prayed, waved at the clerks and left.  She told the 
clerks she prayed for guidance.  The would-be purse snatcher prayed, 
too.  He prayed his arm could be re-attached. 


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