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Fluffy Puppies (youngsters:humor, 364 words)
Author: SZ1086Added: May 27 2004Views/Reads: 8452/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
well this is a story about puppies living in a small town that eat food that make them grow and try to take over the town

Samer Zayed 

Fluffy Puppies 

In the town of Snaggins, there were a bunch of old people.  All the old
people had puppies.  The puppies were small and fluffy.  These puppies 
were special.  They can talk.  One night on the television the small 
old people of Snaggins were watching television.  Then a commercial 
about a puppy food came on.  The food was called “SNUFFLE PUFFS CHOW”. 

“Can I have some of that master?” asked Mr. Bo Jangles in a low powerful
sounding kind of way to make him self seem strong. 

“Yeah, can we?” added pepper in a soft high pitched voice. All the
people of Snaggins decided to buy this food.  They fed their puppies 
and the next morning the puppies had grown huge.  They were bigger then 
the biggest body builder on steroids. 

All the “puppies” of Snaggins had assembled a meeting and decided that
they were gonna take over the town now that they were bigger then all 
of the humans. 

“What are we going to do with the humans?” Pepper asked in her scrawny
high pitched voice. 

“We are going to lock them up forever and ever like they did to us in
those cages” said Mr. Bo Jangles, his voice sounding more powerful then 

When the dogs returned to their owners they tied them up and took them
to the giant cellar in the middle of town.  All the people were worried 
about the concert that was supposed to take place in the town 
auditorium that day.  Endless shrieking was going to play. 

Finally when the tour bus with the hit group Endless Shrieking came to
town the dogs tried to capture them too but they played there music 
really loud and high pitched (hence their name) and stopped them.  The 
shrieking sounds of the guitars had triggered a nerve in the puppies' 
minds that made them go to sleep.  When the small old people of 
Snaggins were released from the cellar, they called the “SNUFFLE PUFF 
CHOW” company and complained. 

The company gave them the reversal potion and all the fluffy puppies
were given away and they decided to get cats instead due to their 
freakishly clean ways. 


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