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Welcome (standard:drama, 400 words)
Author: veraelaineAdded: Jun 09 2004Views/Reads: 2729/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
We all must pay for our mistakes. We pay with money, worry, physical pain, but we all must pay.

WELCOME by Veraelaine 

"Hey man, I got your son, and I want my $500.00, NOW!  Then, you get
your kid back."  "But Kyle, I already paid you the $50.00 I owed you, 
plus the $100.00 interest you said I owed," Syd wailed.  Kyle growled 
"That's $100.00 per day, and at five days, that's $500.00.  And you 
better not call the cops or it's too bad for the kid!"  That was the 
conversation over the phone.  "I just can't believe that I owe Kyle 
that much money," Syd moaned to his wife, Vickie. 

This nightmare started at 8:15am when their son, Joel, left for school. 
At 9am Kyle called with his 'cold blooded' message.  Vickie thought 
maybe they should call the school.  Syd said he knew Kyle all too well 
and he never bluffed.  Syd and Vickie's relatives collected as much 
money as they could.  Vickie's younger brother, Vern, suggested calling 
the police anyway.  Amid the protests, he reminded them that Joel could 
identify Kyle and whoever else had him.  "He might be done for, 

The cops managed to grab Kyle by 2am, for having illegal drug
paraphenalia.  When Syd arrived at the station, he begged Kyle to tell 
him Joel's whereabouts.  Kyle just laughed and said, "Forget about him, 
Fool, you just lost him.  HAHAHA!"  As everyone sadly headed back home, 
Vern (knowing Kyle would be going to jail) made plans of his own. 

Vern had been down the same path as Kyle, so he knew where he would be
serving time.  He made a visit to the jail and described Kyle perfectly 
to some friends. Word spread to everyone whoever lost children, 
violently or not.  A sort of "welcoming" committee formed.  They would 
not have long to wait.  By 7pm Kyle would be spending a long time in 
the prison hospital. 

By the way, Kyle must have been desparate.  He did indeed try to kidnap
Joel, who screamed, and caused such a commotion, that he got away, and 
ran all the way to school.  He didn't give the episode another thought 
until time to go home.  When he told his teacher, Mr. Daily, he (Daily) 
drove Joel home.  Imagine everyone's surprise and joy when the two of 
them arrived at his door.  Imagine Kyle's surprise and horror when he 
arrived at his "new home". 

Joel received hugs and kisses.  Kyle received slaps and kicks.  WELCOME



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