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Conspiracies (standard:other, 979 words)
Author: DoomAdded: Jan 03 2001Views/Reads: 2183/1436Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The conspiracies that plague our world and blind our eyes, examined in further detail to a morose conclusion of dire DOOM.


Everywhere in the world, organizations are being formed that terrorize
normal citizens. In retaliation, governments are forming more and more 
“anti-terrorist” organizations that are supposed to “combat” these 
terrorists. Billions of dollars worldwide are spent on such programs, 
and we the public, are content, as long as they “protect the future of 
our children.” So content are we that we are blinded by the most 
obvious of conspiracies. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, otherwise known as FEMA is a
prime example. FEMA is given millions of dollars in funding, and seem 
to respond to situations very quickly. Let me tell you this; it does 
not take millions of dollars for equipment and wages needed to finance 
the FEMA staff. Rather, it seems that they’re being conservative with 
their money in such a way that they’re stockpiling it up. Why? 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is in alliance with
FEMA to slowly take over the world. NATO is made up of mostly European 
countries, including Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, 
Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, United States. 
Surprisingly, all these countries have prime positions in the cabinet 
of NATO. Rather, unsurprisingly. 

When in history have you seen a large number of Europeans gathering
around and it not resulting in global warfare? I haven’t, and I doubt 
that this will remain unchanged. How does FEMA go into this? 

Well, the United States would take much pressure if they were publicly
seen funneling money into an organization like NATO. Thus, FEMA is a 
front for the United States’ desires to take over the world. FEMA has a 
large surplus, which can be put into FEMA’s budget. How convenient! 

This, among others, is an example of many of the conspiracies circling
our world. 

Religion, perhaps the biggest conspiracy of them all, is spread all over
our world, pulling an effective blanket over our eyes. If history has 
taught us anything, it is that there is NOT an omnipotent being 
watching over us, caring for us, and above all, loving us. Rather, the 
world has been plagued with war, destruction, crime, poverty, hunger, 
disease, hate, greed, you name it, we are plagued with it. 

The Christian God above all others is one of the most believed, revered,
and worshipped. There are three main reasons the Christian God cannot 
be what our priests say He is. For one, the Christian God is supposedly 
all-just. Well, if He is all-just, why in the world does he punish 
someone for a immeasurable time, IE, eternity, if all the person did 
was a measurable crime, IE, lead a fifty-year life of sins? It does not 
make any sense what-so-ever. 

Another theory is why God made humans? If God truly is omnipotent, He
would also be all-content. Did you ever have the need to do anything 
when you are all-content? Well, of course there’s no such things as 
humans being all-content, but if there were, could you imagine doing 
anything if you were? God does not feel lonely, because he’s 
all-content, thus, he does not need humans as companions, subjects, or 
slaves, what not. 

Finally, if there was a God, don’t you think we would’ve seen his divine
light by now? God has actually hastened the destruction on earth, IE, 
the Holy Wars, Middle East. If God is supposed to instill peace and 
happiness, why is it that everywhere he goes, destruction and war 

Thus, this leads me to conclude that God is an elaborate cover-up to
keep us citizens in line. What better way to force people to act in 
humane ways then to threaten them to an eternity in Hell? Frankly, I am 
glad that my eyes were not blinded when I was younger, otherwise I 
might have never seen the “light.” 

A third, much less serious conspiracy, is the Gaming Industry. The
gaming industry is becoming more and more violent each year, with 
series like Quake, Unreal, and Doom reigning as champions of bloodbath 
and gore. The only possible reason the government would allow this is 

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