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Back to the DeLorean (standard:non fiction, 2071 words)
Author: DianneAdded: Jul 22 2004Views/Reads: 1844/1178Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a true story, inspired from a wonderful experience in my life many years ago. Check out Ian's story ' The De Lorean '. (Page 4 !) My story inspired him to write this story ! His is somewhat of a sci-fic ! It's a great read !

Back to the DeLorean 

True Story   by Dianne Herring 

I got up early that morning and drank my usual quota of coffee. As I
looked over at the table, I saw the short story that my friend had 
written and sent to me. I decided to read it again. Later I went back 
to bed thinking of the story. I listened to my favorite music on my CD 
player with headphones and, despite the coffee, drifted into a shallow, 
dream filled, sleep... 

Dee Dee had gone to visit her rich Auntie Irene, or Aunt Rene as folks
in the family called her. She was quite a lady and lived in a large 
house on a hillside corner lot in one of the most beautiful cities in 
America, Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville is surrounded by mountains. 
The biggest mountain having a cross made of concrete and put there when 
JFK was assassinated. To Dee Dee this was truly the most beautiful 
mountain of all, and she was able to sit outside in the garden and view 
it in awe, reminiscing about how her Aunt acquired all of this wealth. 

The house was in a rich neighborhood. It was made of stucco and had a
Spanish look to it, with a huge wrought-iron gate in the front of the 
archway entrance. Just inside the gate was an adorable garden. It had a 
fountain and there were plants and flowers of all kinds. The house was 
of approximately 4,000sq.ft., and inside there were many antiques. It 
reminded Dee Dee of the many Antique Shops she had seen, but all 
crammed into one. 

Actually her Aunt Rene had owned an Antique Shop a few years back, and
this was when she had met Mr. McGregger, or Mr. Mack as everyone called 
him. Someone had told her about him and his huge house in downtown 
Huntsville. So she had decided to go and visit him. Mister Mack was 
quite a lot older than Aunt Rene was, but they had soon become good 
friends. And they had switched and swapped Antiques. Aunt Rene had been 
in awe of his three-story house that, to her, appeared to be a mansion. 
 His sister, who was bed-ridden, lived there also. And they had a lady 
that came in and did the cleaning and cooking for both of them. For 
years, the Methodist Church had been offering to buy Mr. Mack’s house 
and tear it down and make into a parking lot, as they felt it was a bit 
of an eyesore to the town, but he would not budge. As time went on, 
Aunt Rene had, as she called it, lost her shirt in the Antique 
business, meaning that she was broke! So, they decided that she should 
move in, and take care of things. 

But soon Mister Mack became very ill, and the Doctors found that he had
lung cancer. So, Dee Dee's Aunt Rene finally convinced him to move to a 
more comfortable house. He finally listened to her and sent her out to 
find a more suitable one for the three of them. This became a long and 
arduous task because of having to find a house with ceilings tall 
enough to be able to house all of his six foot tall furniture. She 
finally found the Spanish looking house and he agreed to the move. 

Soon after they moved into the new house Mr. Mack became even more ill.
He and Dee Dee’s Aunt Rene had talked, and he had asked her to call his 
Doctor and Lawyer over and fix the legal papers that stated that at his 
death his whole estate would go to Aunt Rene. The only stipulation was 
that she was to take care of his sister, should he pass away first, 
until her death. Mister Mack’s estate involved much more than the 
house. He had stocks and bonds in several big companies. And there was 
a volt at the bank that he did business with, filled with silver and 
gold things that were very valuable and rare. 

Aunt Rene took very good care of Mr. Mack and his sister. And as it
turned out he did pass away before his sister, so Aunt Rene invited her 
friend Cameron to move in with her. They both took very good care of 
the sister but, since Mr. Mack was no longer there in the house, it 
became dress-up, party time for the two of them.  For, after all, Mr. 
Mack had left Aunt Rene sitting pretty for the rest of her life. 

During her stay at the house in Huntsville, Dee Dee became very excited,
as her friend Joey was coming to visit. Joey was a geologist and he 
lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was in Huntsville on a business trip. 
It seemed strange that the two of them had ended up in Huntsville at 
the same time. But she could hardly wait to take him on a tour of the 
house that she had told him so much about for so long. 

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