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Memory lane (standard:other, 1044 words)
Author: JasenAdded: Jul 28 2004Views/Reads: 2041/1132Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
No description :) To all whom I know at Bishan institute.


Today's my last time waking up so early in the morning to travel to
Bishan for my education at the post-secondary level. 

I will be making a trip down to a tertiary institute to do my enrolment.
Though I feel a sense of lost at thoughts, what can I do? I can't 
possibly turn this offer down, can I? It wouldn't be a wise choice to 
do that since gaining a chance to study in a tertiary institution is 
not easy especially since you have got only the minimum requirements. I 
felt that chances are hard to come by and once missed, they are gone 

Just as I reach the station platform, the train arrived just in time for
me to join in the morning birds heading for school and work. It is the 
first day of the week – as many would call it the ‘Monday blues', where 
everyone would be lazy – most of us, would prefer to stay home for an 
extended holiday of some sort. 

Having managed to get into the packed train, I quickly found a spot to
settle myself down comfortably. With that, my mind took a complete spin 
off into sub-conscious mode. 

My past came into view, from the days I was an infant to the day I
started to grow and gain understanding... till the day I am growing up 
to become what I am today – on my way to adulthood. 

How I really wish I can use a time turner to go back in time to perform
what I really want to do. However, that was not to be, we don't live in 
the times of the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. Neither do we 
live in the world of Agatha Christie, where she had disappeared just 
like one of her characters in a story. 

These days, we live in an ever changing world where everyone and
everything changes. Nothing remains in this world. We will die someday, 
somehow. It would be good to cherish what we have and live every minute 
of our lives in this world to the fullest. No one knows when and where 
they will die. Nor do we know when there will be anyone there to see us 
off when we visit never land. 

Though we are born into this world with nothing, we should also leave
this world with no worries. There will always be worries, they just 
pile up over time for you to resolve them with or without any help. 

As these thoughts went by, my mind started to churn out weirder
thoughts. The thought of living this world with no worries, about 
saving lives of those unfortunate, as well as those whom you love. 

I can still recall about a year ago, I got my ‘O' levels result and was
eligible for most of the courses offered by the various institutions in 
Singapore. When I was making my choices, my life took a turn. I had 
really no idea as to what course I had exactly wanted to study. 

Then slowly, came the thought of taking up Nursing. My cousin is a
Nurse, and given my background knowledge and passion to save people, it 
wouldn't be a problem to take up Nursing. 

However, when I had went for the Open House of the institution offering
the course. I took a deeper consideration about taking the plunge which 
could be deadly in the event that I am not prepared to do my best. 

I had my worries and fears about not making the mark in achieving my
goals. Given since young I had setbacks in my performance, which led me 
to be a little fickle minded in understanding what I wanted in life. 

Moreover, after months of learning in school, I started to see setbacks.
It wasn't easy at first to come to terms with myself that this is what 
I really want – to work in an IT Firm in the near future – when the IT 
industry is taking a slow move, which could turn to a complete stop. I 
endured on for the next few months, did above average for my term test, 
and, flung my written exams. I passed by supp papers, except Math. 
Enjoyed my holidays and here I am, finally noticing that my future is 
in bleak darkness, decided to take the road not taken at the previous 
turn by turning back on this path. 

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