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A Dream (standard:romance, 2191 words)
Author: JupiterAdded: Aug 03 2004Views/Reads: 2099/1296Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You may want to call it fiction, cause it can never be true, but "A Dream" is really based on a real experience. The experience is my own. Some of the told events are real, most are exaggerated (like 1000 times), and some were totally fabricated

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and his heart was about to heal; only this unexpected dream came to 
reopen his wounds wide and rewind things back to the beginning. 


In his dream, he was in some sort of school, a big school indeed, with
many buildings and playgrounds. It reminded him of the school of his 
childhood, a school he liked so much. John finished his undergraduate 
studies a year ago, and so, he is not supposed to find himself a 
student again in a secondary school. But that is how dreams go. In 
dreams you do not question where you are, or what you are doing. In 
dreams you only see things as they happen. You are always driven by 
their events, and you have little or no control over things, even 
though you sometimes expect them before they take place. 

Anyway, he was not in a classroom. He was walking in one of the school's
playgrounds. He knew he was accompanied by a friend, though he could 
not tell who that friend was. He did not even see his face. Why? 
Because she was there too, and he has to monitor every move she makes. 
Larissa was in the same playground, walking with a friend of hers just 
as well. She looked so pretty, and her face was so calm and serene. 
Still, there was this touch of sadness in her eyes that he could not 
understand. Nevertheless, it added some magic to her face and made her 
look more angelic. She was breathtaking. 

She seemed to be aware of his existence, because she glanced at him few
times, and every time their eyes met, a current of warm feelings ran in 
his body, pulling him towards her. He had to look away every time she 
looked him in the eye in order to shut out this force of hers. He was 
trying to pull himself together and pretend as though they do not know 
each other. It would not do him any good to lose his strength and show 
again the same weakness he had shown in their last phone conversation. 
So, no one called the name of the other, and silent they remained. But 
they were communicating all the same. The glances they took at each 
other were enough to carry many messages between the two, messages of 
sorrow and regret of course. 


Seeing a dream is much like watching a movie, only you see it through
the eyes of its main character. The dream moved dramatically and 
instantly to another scene. John suddenly found himself sitting inside 
a classroom. It was probably an English course. A teacher was standing 
in front of the students. He did not pay much attention to what she was 
lecturing on, because he knew Larissa was with him in the same 
classroom. He could not see her, but he could feel her presence. He 
could feel her warmth. He was certain she was right behind him, but he 
did not look back to verify that, because he always trusted his senses. 

Few seconds were all it took the teacher to finish the lecture. After
hesitating a little, he decided to leave the classroom without looking 
back. Even in a dream, he has to respect her wish to have him out of 
her life. Plus, he should not allow any chance to get hurt again. He 
was packing his books in his bag when Larissa leaned forward. He did 
not need to look back to know that her lips were few centimeters away 
from his right ear, cause the closer she was, the faster his heart was 

"Can we go for a walk together?" she surprisingly whispered in his ear
with her usual sweet voice. It was the moment all his defenses 
collapsed. It was the moment he resigned to her force. At that point 
all he wanted to do was to turn back, hug her tight, and give her a 
firm kiss on her soft lips until they catch fire and melt together in 
the heat of love, but instead, all he came up with was exactly one 
word. "Sure" he said with a steady, but low, voice. After all, he could 
not resist such an offer from the girl he loved the most. 

Side by side they exited the classroom. Side by side they crossed the
long corridors of the school. And side by side they descended the 
stairs of the big building they were in. They did not say a single word 
as they made their way towards the main gate of the building, but he 
was very happy nevertheless. Having her by his side was more than he 
wished for. Soon they will leave this big crowded school. Soon he will 
lead her towards a quiet place were they can sort things out and come 
to an understanding about their feelings. If she demanded that we be 
just friends, so be it, he said to himself. At least, this way, he will 
not lose all contact with her. He could not believe they can revive the 
relation that had drawn its last breath in a phone call. How glad he 
was for having a wish come true! 


A big hall was all left to cross before they reach the main gate. The
closer they were to the gate the more crowded it got. When they reached 
the gate, they had to fight their way into the crowd. He did not 
understand why all students chose to stand in their way. Probably the 
results of some tests were hanged there, and the students came to know 
their scores. He did not care. All he wanted was to leave this school 
the soonest possible. Apparently, he was loosing patience. 

Eventually, he escaped the crowd, but his heart told him that things
were not going alright. Things were not going as he intended them to 
go. He looked around him, but he could not see Larissa anywhere. He 
looked back at the main gate. Probably, she is still fighting her way 
out, he thought. He waited for few seconds, but no one came out. She 
was swallowed by the crowd. He waved the thought away. Things could not 
end like this, but a certainty had already grown inside him that he, 
once again, lost her, and soon, the smile she had drawn on his face was 
replaced by the look of a shocked, lost and frightened person, the look 
of despair. 

He could not understand why he had to bear all these twists in his
feelings. He could not understand why he had to pay so high a price for 
loving a girl. Desperately, he started moving rapidly in the school's 
playgrounds, searching for her, looking in all directions as though he 
was in a place he had never been to. He was shouting and crying her 
name, but no one answered his cries. 


He let out of a scream, a scream that carried her name, a scream that
filled all the corners of his tired mind. And a scream that eventually 
awakened him from this dream, the dream that turned into a nightmare at 
the very end of it. 

He opened his eyes to find himself in his bed. He realized that it was
just a dream, but that was of no comfort to him. On the contrary, it 
gave him the worst feelings. He felt how much he missed her. He felt 
how much he needed her, and how much he loved her. He did not want to 
leave his bed. He wanted to sleep again. Maybe he can continue his 
dream. Maybe he can find her again. 

After realizing the craziness of his idea, he left his bed. He was too
depressed to do anything, so he called his manager and asked for one 
day off work. After taking his breakfast and listening to some music, 
the phone rang. It was his sister. The tone in her voice was that of a 
relieved person, as though she was glad he was still at home. She 
expressed to him that she was too busy to pick her daughter from her 
school and asked him to go instead of her and bring her daughter to his 
house. He agreed. 

After hanging up, he said "I have just been in a school, have not I?"
The very thought brought some light and hope into his day, and once 
again, a smile found its way to his face, the smile that only Larissa 
knew how to draw. 


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