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A Dream (standard:romance, 2191 words)
Author: JupiterAdded: Aug 03 2004Views/Reads: 2245/1423Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You may want to call it fiction, cause it can never be true, but "A Dream" is really based on a real experience. The experience is my own. Some of the told events are real, most are exaggerated (like 1000 times), and some were totally fabricated


After years of distance, the roads led his heart back to her. He met her
again, but this time in a place beyond the boundaries of reality, a 
place only our minds are capable of wandering in, and a place that 
sneakily swallows us, covered by the night's darkness, while we are 
fast asleep. 

In plain words, he met her in a dream. It is really astonishing the
things the active neurons of our brains can do, when the rest of our 
organs function minimally. In no time, the thousands of miles that part 
them, shrank, in his dream, to no more than few meters, rewinding his 
life back to the point where they had to break their relation. It is as 
if time does not exist in dreams, where the past, the present and the 
future blend together, making everything possible with perfect sense. 

So, after he managed to burry her memories in the graveyard of the past,
seeing her that close, though in a dream, was enough to let these 
memories float again on the surface. In fact, it was not the memories 
themselves that really bothered him. In the end, anything he sees, 
hears, smells, tastes or touches might remind him of her, because he 
loved her with all his senses. Instead, it was the feelings he had 
towards her that really mattered. The feelings he thought he had killed 
long ago. The feelings he fought with all what was left of energy in 
him. He fought them out of his heart and into the deepest corners of 
his lost memories. But the war is not over yet. As they say, he 
probably won a battle, but he did not win the entire war. Why, after 
all these years, did she reappear so vividly in a dream? Did she start 
a counter attack, using dreams as channels to lead her back to his 

Channels?! Yes, channels. He always believed that there were channels
connecting their minds, allowing currents of telepathic energy to flow 
between them, carrying their thoughts, emotions and feelings. So, the 
old feelings crept back into him, recharging him with all the emotions 
he once had. He finally received her signal after he managed to isolate 
his brain against her broadcast. The defenses he worked hard to build 
collapsed in few seconds, exposing him again to her mysterious gravity. 


Why, Larissa? ... For John, that was probably the only question left
without an answer. He had no trouble finding answers, reasons, or at 
least theoretical explanations to the questions he came across. But for 
this one, his logic failed to give him the slightest idea about the 
thing that made her reject him. His faith in her made him certain that 
she had reasons, though he could not see them. He probably made some 
mistakes, but that is what people always do. So, it is not enough a 
reason for her to abandon him the way she did. 

He played all his cards in an attempt to draw her attention back to him,
but the result came against his hopes. He was left without any choice 
to take after hearing her saying, in their last phone conversation, "I 
no longer want you in my life." His reply came in the form of a long 
silence, the silence by which he expressed his strong disbelief. It 
must be a nightmare, he said to himself, waiting for someone or 
something to wake him up, but it was not. Gradually, and bitterly, the 
feeling of disbelief was replaced by a frightening realization. He 
realized that he lost the most precious person in his life, the one 
that kept his heart warm and beating lively. At that point, he had 
foreseen the long cold winter ahead of him. 

He fought back one last time, but she resisted him with some cold
answers that eventually put an end to their relation, once and for all. 
After saying their goodbyes, hearing the click at the other end of the 
line, as she put down the phone's receiver, was as painful as cutting 
out a chunk of his flesh. With a heart severely broken, he was left 
confused, and all alone, to face the unbearable reality. 

But that was years ago, and what seems to be unbearable at one moment,
becomes bearable after some time, cause humans are adaptive entities 
that can condition themselves to whatever situations they go through, 
however bad they might seem. John is no exception to this fact. His 
pain was at first great and unsupportable, but eventually it subsided, 

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