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Ring (standard:drama, 463 words)
Author: veraelaineAdded: Aug 04 2004Views/Reads: 2265/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Thieves may steel material things, but they can never steal memories.

Ring, by Vera Louch 

She wore it every day.  It seemed to sparkle in any light (even more in
the sunlight).  Most of the time she stayed to herself, but whenever 
she went out to any affair, she wore the ring. 

On this starry, moonlit night, she put on her fanciest outfit, nicest
coat, and went to the club with friends.  This club was called the  
Rainbow Club because all kinds of people went there.  Age, race, sex, 
rich or poor, none of that mattered because everyone shared one type of 
sadness or another.  The members had all come together this night as 
they had every night, to cheer each other up.  Someone asked her about 
the shiny ring.  She explained that it had particular meaning to her.  
She had lost her husband and they had no children.  She was a volunteer 
on the chldren's cancer ward at the hospital, reading, playing games, 
and making things with the children.  These activities (along with 
sharing them at the club) seemed to ease the pain of sadness and 

While she was explaining, the thieves broke in.  It seems they had been
watching the building every night, and believed that this was a pretty 
ritzy club, doing a good business.  They took everything, coats, money, 
champagne, and jewelry.  Everyone was upset, the lady most of all. 
Although the night was beautiful, it was also one of the coldest 
November nights of the year and some of the people lost the only coat, 
hat, and gloves they had.  The lady lost the only thing that was close 
to her heart-the ring. 

When they returned to their hideout, the thieves began to divide their
booty.  They had about $100.00 cash (to be split 5 ways), old patched 
up trench coats, worn out furs.  Then they looked over the jewelry- 
cheap rings, broken pocket watches, bracelets and necklaces with fake 
(even plastic) diamonds and rubies.  Then someone pulled out the lady's 
ring-the one made of pipe cleaners for a band and clear plastic beads 
surrounding gold plastic beads.  Altogether, they ahd about $37.00 
apiece.  An argument began and the shouting, screamng, cursing, and 
sounds of broken glass shattered the still night air as the thieves 
quarreled about whose dumb idea this robbery was.  They made such a 
commotion that the police were called, and they were all hauled away. 

Well, the lady spent the night crying.  You see, the ring (though not
monetarily valuable) had sentimental value.  The cancer child who made 
it had been the lady's special friend.  She died leaving the lady a 
picture of herself and the ring to remember her by.  At least the lady 
had the picture and sweet memories.  The thieves would have memories, 
too.  About five years apiece worth of memories.


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