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Golbuk and It's Warriors (standard:adventure, 8953 words)
Author: anonymousAdded: Jan 13 2001Views/Reads: 2588/1556Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Bianca and Gavin are normal teenage siblings until one day an amazing discovery sends them to the wonderful fairy-tale world of Golbuk.

Here is the story of my life, it’s not very interesting in my eyes, but
I guess to other people its fascinating. So here goes. First, the 
basics: My name is Bianca. I am an eighteen-year-old girl with a 
fifteen-year-old brother. My brother, Gavin, and I have had a few rough 
years, with my mom dying when Gavin was just a baby, my dad remarrying, 
him dying, and my step mom disappearing and such. Yes, I said 
disappearing. She just sort of vanished one day, never to heard from 
again. I was overjoyed since all she did was manage to put a few crimps 
in my life. Anyway, I later found out why she disappeared and where she 
went. Gavin and I were given the chance to bring her back. We took the 
chance, and look where it landed us! Right in the middle of Golbuk... 
but lets start from the beginning, shall we? 

“Bianca, I will not let you go out in those clothes. I demand that you
change. You don’t want to look like the hustler down the street, do 
you?” “Laura, I’m going to the club with my friends. Its what everyone 
is wearing!” My stepmother was referring to my tight leather skirt that 
came to mid-thigh and my red tube top. My hair was up and curled, and I 
had glitter dusted on my shoulders. I was also wearing light make up. 
“Bianca, darling, this is for your own good.” Laura pushed a buzzer on 
her pager and two men came into the room. “Roger, Tim, please escort my 
stepdaughter to her room. And make sure she stays there.” Roger and Tim 
grabbed my arms and began to drag me out of the living room. I 
struggled and twisted and tried to get out of their grip, but it was no 
use. I was hauled to my room and locked in. The window mechanisms 
switched into place and I was trapped. I pounded on the door and 
shouted out bad phrases. Finally, I stopped, breathing heavily I 
dropped onto my bed. My stepmother had placed me under house arrest for 
the rest of the night. I tossed my handbag onto the desk. I heard a 
creaking noise from the room next to me. My bookcase seemed to open and 
Gavin stepped into the room. 

“So you got the treatment too.” He said, sitting on my chaise lounge.
“Why does she do this? I hate her!” I said loudly. “Hey, its all this 
high-tech junk. It’ll have to break sometime!” He laughed. “Who were 
those two goons anyway? I’ve never seen them before.” “Laura must’ve 
hired them since she knew she’d never be able to touch us.” I nodded at 
that. Our father had married Laura three years ago. She had been a 
wonderful woman then, sweet, nice, and stylish. Then Dad suffered a 
massive heart attack and had died, and Laura went from Caring Mother to 
Rich Snob. Our father had lots of money, and that’s all Laura wanted. 
When she had it, she didn’t care about anything else. Our house went 
from a two-story home to a palace-like mansion next to the sea in Rhode 
Island. The place is called Seaside Manor, and is extremely large. 
There are 26 rooms downstairs which include: a ballroom with a 
beautiful polished oak floor, a game room for Gavin and my friends, a 
lounge with large chairs to sit and relax in, a kitchen the size of our 
old house, an elaborate sitting room for company, and a 15 foot deep 
pool with a high dive, low dive, and two slides. The upstairs has 15 
bedrooms, which is ridiculous. I miss our old house in the city. I 
don’t like it much, with all its soft carpets and big rooms. Gavin 
agrees with me, and we would give up the mansion in a minute, but it 
does have some interesting features. Hidden passages, secret doors, 
secret cubbyholes, and in general, just secrets. 

“So why did you get the treatment?” Gavin asked. “For my clothes. Why
did you?” “For being disagreeable. I wanted to go to the arcade in town 
with Jake and Aaron, and Laura said I had to clean my room first. I 
didn’t want to.” He shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me one bit. I can just 
take the passage down to the game room.” I nodded in agreement. 
Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. “Gavin! That’s it! You are 
a total genius!” I grabbed his shoulders and kissed his cheek. I 
checked my reflection in the mirror and grabbed my handbag and made 
sure my car keys were there. “Wait a sec, where are you going?” “To the 
club, to meet my friends.” Gavin looked doubtful. “The goons,” he said 
to me. “The passage,” I reminded him. His face took a look of 
knowledge, and he clambered after me. We silently descended the stairs 
of the passage and quietly entered the passage. I peeped out of the 
door into the hall. I heard Laura’s high-heeled shoes clicking. I 
pulled Gavin behind the pool table and held my breath. 

“...Yes, I know James.  No, no plans tonight. The children are in their
rooms.” She laughed, and we grimaced at each other. “Okay, see you in 
ten minutes.” Her cell phone beeped off, and she continued down the 
hall. Gavin and I slipped out of the game room and followed Laura at a 

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