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Twisted Turns (standard:romance, 16544 words)
Author: kathyAdded: Oct 08 2004Views/Reads: 2299/1513Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When Chanade's relationship grows stale she goes out looking for excitement. She finds it in Chris, a dashing, charming stranger. Playing a dangerous game of deceit and betrayal she plays the two men off against each other. But when aquaintances don't see

The party music blared as the figures on the dance floor swayed to the
music; the club was dark, but filled with movement. The strobe lights 
flickered over the dancing figures, illuminating them with light. 
"Chanade aren't you going to dance?" Ellie asked. "No, I'm exhausted, 
you'll be all right on your own." "I thought you wanted to come out 
because you were bored of staying in with Joe." "I did, but I need a 
drink okay!" "Alright Chanade." She pushed her way through the crowd 
and made her way to the bar. There were several people waiting, all 
cramming the bar man with orders, how was she going to get served with 
all them in front of her? "Would you like me to get that for you?" A 
deep voice asked. Chanade looked up and saw icy blue eyes bearing into 
hers; they had a sparkle to them, like a diamond. They attracted her 
somehow. "Erm... yeah, I'd like that..." She said eventually. "Chris, 
my name's Chris." "Okay Chris, thanks I'd like that." "It's only my 
duty to help a damsel in distress." He smiled. As he went to get her 
drink she went over to a stool at the bar and waited patiently for him 
to return. "Here." He grinned, handing her the cocktail. "Thanks, I 
doubt I'd ever have got served tonight if it weren't for you." She 
smiled. "It's okay." She glanced secretly at his body and was taken 
aback; he was fit... His white top clung tightly to his body showing 
off the muscles beneath, dark spiky hair framed his head and a broad 
handsome face stared back at her. He seemed so strong and manly, 
nothing like Joe. Joe's idea of fun was to stay in and snuggle up in 
front of the TV, yeah that's fun the first time but every night of 
staying in? No, she couldn't stand that... "So... what do you do for 
fun?" Chris asked. "Going out, chatting, basically having fun!" She 
laughed. "Yeah, me too." "Ya wanna dance?" She hesitated for a bit, Joe 
would be heartbroken if he knew she was dancing with another guy, 
Chanade meant everything to him. She thought for a while, biting her 
lip while deep in thought. Oh what the hell, I think I need a bit of 
fun in my life. "Sure, I'd love to." As they started out on the dance 
floor everything seemed to revolve around her and Chris, no one 
mattered, not even Joe. As they danced Chris swung her into him, 
pulling her close, so close that she could smell the gentle aroma of 
his aftershave. It was Lynx Africa, her favourite. As they swayed 
slowly to the music his hands rested gently on her waist, she seemed 
lost in thought as they danced, hearing nothing but the soft music in 
her ears. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled. "Good." 
He smiled and his face lit up like the sunset, it was a beautiful 
smile. He placed his hands gently on her face and gently titled her 
chin up so she was looking at him. She knew what was going to happen 
but was inevitable to resist. He leaned forward gently placing his lips 
on hers, his kiss was tender, soft, but she pulled away quickly. 
"What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing, nothing's wrong." She said 
eventually. "You sure?" "Yeah, um do you wanna go someplace where we 
can talk?" "We can go over there." "No. I mean somewhere more quiet..." 
"Oh, I'm sure that can be arranged." "How about my place?" She 
murmured. As she spoke her mind was doing overtime, thinking about 
Joe's routine, he was so predictable she always knew what he would be 
doing every single day. Tonight he should be working over time in the 
office, perfect. "Yeah, come on." He said, linking his arms in hers. As 
they walked towards the club's doors, Ellie caught sight of her friend; 
she took a double take when she saw the guy Chanade was with. 
"Chanade!" Ellie cried. Chanade turned round sharply. "Ellie what do 
you want? I need to be going, pronto." Chanade sighed. "What do you 
think you're doing with this guy?!" "I'm taking him home, that's all." 
"I hope that is all for your sake Chanade." "Yeah, well I got to go, 
see ya." "Bye." Ellie said suspiciously. As the twosome walked on Chris 
turned to Chanade an amused look on his face. "What was that all 
about?" "Oh just my over reacting mate, I love her but you know she 
gets a bit tiresome." "I know the feeling." He agreed. As soon as they 
got outside the cold winter air hit them like a dagger. The wind blew 
so sharply that it knocked the breath out of Chanade; she tried to walk 
against the wind, the gusts blowing her hair everywhere. "Hey, don't 
blow away!" He laughed. "I'm c...cold." She whispered. "Come here." He 
murmured, wrapping his arm around her. She snuggled against him, his 
warmth flooding through her veins and warming her up like a radiator 
would warm a room. "That better?" "Much better." She smiled. "So how 
are we getting to your place?" "Well me and Ellie got a taxi down here 
so I guess we'll do the same and call a cab." "Okay, cool." Chris 
pulled his Nokia 98. 10 out of his pockets and tapped a few buttons in 
before putting it to his ear. "Taxi?" The voice on the other side of 
the phone asked. "Yeah, I'd like one now. We're outside the Joker's 
Nightclub in Hansom." "Okay right away sir." Chris sheltered Chanade 
from the bitter wind that blew furiously from the trees, shaking their 

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