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Violence in the Streets (standard:Suspense, 1188 words)
Author: ConzzzAdded: Oct 11 2004Views/Reads: 1972/1162Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story depicts the thoughts and actions of an Australian mob boss who is determined to eliminate a cocky new rival. However, not everything goes to plan...

Violence in the Streets 

The tingling sensation that he was experiencing he could not describe.
He had read about it and seen it on many television programs. Many call 
it the ‘calm before the storm'. Yes, he liked that analogy. It was the 
perfect description for the potentially fatal quest he was about to 
embark on. As he wiped the sweat from his brow he leant over and with 
his free hand retrieved his weapon from under his bed. He studied it 
closely, marvelling at the mechanics of the small black firearm. He 
then focussed his energy on the mortal crime he would be committing 
today and the many particulars he had so meticulously planned in his 
mind the night before. Even though the repercussions of his actions 
could be disastrous, he knew it had to be done if he was to maintain 
his social supremacy in his domain. He was determined not to let his 
emotions intervene during the deed. It would not be like those horrific 
mass shootings by mad-men that he had seen on television, particularly 
the guy at Port Arthur a few weeks back. He knew he had to stay cool. 
He had worked too hard in the last couple of years and today was going 
to be a protection of his interests. He had enough blokes on his side 
who together had enough ‘hardware' to be the only guys on the street 
for years to come, provided he took care of business today. 

Tucking his weapon into his jeans, he made his way to the bathroom and
tried to carry out his daily morning routine. After washing his face 
several times he looked up and studied himself in the mirror. ‘This is 
it Big Louie,' he uttered to himself. It was the first time he had 
referred to himself as his alias (derived from his rather large 
stature) and found it somewhat empowering. He wiped his hands and 
started making his way toward the front door. During the short distance 
he started thinking about how it all began. ‘Baby Tooth' Tony had only 
come to town a couple of months ago and already he was bragging to 
people how much influence he had held in certain parts of the city. He 
was constantly recruiting and many of Louie's loyal followers were 
beginning to turn their attentions to this new guy in town.  The very 
thought of his friends leaving him to hang around with a guy called 
‘Baby Tooth' brought the bile from the back of his neck. There was only 
one option available to ensure he remained in control of his patch of 

Walking slowly to the front door he wiped his hands, all the time
struggling to remain calm. He did so by replaying the details of the 
plan once more in his mind. Tony would arrogantly strut past Louie's 
house during his morning walk, followed of course by a few of his 
cronies, in order to demonstrate his rising dominance in the 
neighbourhood. It was an activity he involved himself in merely to 
irritate those who had grown accustomed to the original people and 
operations of this part of town. During this intimidating ritual, ‘Baby 
Tooth' would then stop at Louie's letterbox, survey the front area of 
the house for any signs of his rival, and spit at the letterbox's base 
before continuing on his way. Louie always watched this outrageous 
insult by staring through the half open blinds in his room, paralysed 
with a deep sense of loathing for his enemy. This created the most 
forceful incentive for Louie to perform the hit here, so that all who 
knew him could be sure that he was not one to be tampered with. He 
would simply sit on his front step, beside his right hand man Vincent 
or ‘Vinnie' and simply wait for ‘Baby Tooth'. He would then rise from 
his place when Tony halted to once again carry out his insult and walk 
towards the imposing group. He would then take the fateful nine steps, 
known as the nine yards. On the eighth step he would reach behind his 
back and on the ninth he would withdraw his Berretta and aim right at 
the attribute that graced Tony's alias. He would then retreat back to 
the safety of his house, firing as he went, to join Vinnie in returning 
fire from Tony's goons in the moderate cover of the Brick Pillars on 
either side of Louie's front entrance. Louie would then phone 
reinforcements to clean up the mess, one way or another. 

He was carefully scrutinising this final aspect of his plan when he saw
Vinnie standing slightly ajar at the foot of his steps, arms crossed 
and eyes in a state of both panic and excitement. ‘Now Louie, I have to 
ask you, are you still gunna go through with this? I mean give it a few 
days. We could try and work something out.' 

Louie simply said nothing and sat himself, hunched over his slightly
spread legs. He stared at the floor for a while before finally 
muttering the words he had seen many crime characters on television say 

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