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The One Part 1 By A.J. Sutton (standard:fantasy, 905 words)
Author: A.J. SuttonAdded: Oct 19 2004Views/Reads: 2091/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There was but one and one alone....

The One 

There was but one and one alone. It had always been, as long as the
realm had been. It was one with the realm and knew all that was within 
it. But in this instant, the realm was a void and all that the one 
created, the realm would devour. And at this the one mourned and at 
first only the darkness of sorrow filled the realm. But the one still 
dreamt of things to fill the realm and fell into deep thought. The one 
fell into this deep thought and saw things it had never before seen. 
The one sat upon the realm and saw itself with two great wounds in its 
spirit. The two shards that had been torn from the one began to grow 
they took a form and it was like that of the one. And the one was 
pleased and then there was the first light. And at the presence of this 
light the realm changed and the realm was a void no more. After all of 
these things had been foreseen by the one, it awoke. It held great 
anxiousness for these things and searched over the realm to find a 
place set such things into beginning. It then laid down a plain and on 
it again it fell into deep thought to prepare for the creation of  the 
new. Many more ages passed and the one awoke and it's spirit opened and 
out of it came two shards. They looked as the two had looked in the 
one's thoughts. And they grew and the one was once again greatly 
pleased. Then things that the one had not foreseen came to pass. As the 
one left the two to grow on the garden they changed. One grew in light 
and shone with it while the other grew in darkness and took the light 
that came close to it and turned it to more darkness. When the two saw 
each other first, great hate was built between them and they yearned to 
destroy each other. This was the beginning of what is now the Balance. 
The two began to destroy the garden that the one had laid them on to 
grow and the one felt it for the one was one with the realm as it 
always had been. The one rushed over the realm to stop them and saw the 
two destroying all that it had laid down and the one wept. The one, 
after many moments of sorrow, resolved to destroy those two it had torn 
from itself. But when it took to attack the two, they came together in 
the Balance to defeat the one and it was no more and all that it had 
created fell. As the one lay dead its spirit fell onto the realm and 
all in it and the two felt the ambitions of the one and saw what the 
one had foreseen. Then the two desired to create all that the one had 
thought of. The two began in creating the garden once again. After this 
they began to create in opposite ways. Fire and Water, Leaf and Rock, 
all these they created together but separate and all things were as the 
one had foreseen and they were greatly pleased in all of this but then 
remembered the one and wept in regret. After they had remembered this 
each felt into deep thought as the one had. They sat upon the garden 
together for the first time since their beginning and they began to see 
the same ideas though they were completely opposite in the Balance. So 
they awoke together and then left each other to go to opposite ends of 
the garden to create what would be the last creation, Man. So they 
began and the one of light was great in skill in the creation of Man 
and two races it created, both great in light and greatly diverse. But 
the one of darkness could only created one race of pure darkness and 
then created great beasts of the garden, both of hatred and to feed the 
races of man. But most of the one of darkness' spirit was used to 
create evil creatures that were to destroy many lives of the Men of 
light. But the one of darkness deceived the one of light and revealed 
that it had not the spirit to create but one race and nothing more. The 
one of light could only see the beasts that the one of darkness had 
created for the use of Man and felt sympathy for the one of darkness 
and let its darkness enter into the Men of light and no pure man ever 
walked the garden. So the races of Man were created and last the two 
were inspired by the last of the one's spirit. They went into the 
heights of the garden and set themselves at opposite end of the plain. 
In the last of their spirit, they released it around them and two great 
spheres arose in the sky. One shone with great light and showed the 
beauty of the garden. The other was of cold stone and took some of the 
light from the first to shine for its own so that they both could 
always see the garden's beauty. And when the light from both of the 
spheres hit the bodies of the Men they awoke and began to prosper. 


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