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Gypsies (standard:poetry, 1124 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Oct 24 2004Views/Reads: 1914/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Basically this about what I have found it has been like to travel as much as I have. The pro's and the con's. It tells you what life has taught me about some people.It is more of a ryhming story than a poem, I suppose it is the same thing though, but enjo

Gypsies By: Jonathan Pettus 

I keep running around in this world staying where I can. Some places I
want to be and some I frown upon, but don't have the chance to change 
my plans. I Just have to dance around my options and plant my feet but 
the roots never get very deep at all. I can't say though that I am not 
having a ball. 

So many people I meet as I follow my feet. They seem so intrigued by all
the different stories that are coming out of me. They see through their 
ears as I tell them of my adventures. How I have gone from there and 
how the hell did I end up here! This town where they cannot stand to 
be. As they speak about their home they always frown upon because they 
are bored in this town! 

Then the danger begins, as these people become my friends! When the
stories end! They realize that I have not grown up with any of them! 
What am I, Shit just the new guy! First, second, and third grade, no I 
did not come along till after their roots ran deep. They were all boys 
who trusted each other. So just the same as a book that gets no second 
look they get bored with my stories of travels. So after a few chapters 
I just get set aside, because this whole world these days seems to have 
A.D.D. Fighting for trust I know they can have, but what they see is 
just someone else who is passing on the street who they meet and say 
hi. Smoke a doob with because he is cool. I can‘t figure out why I 
always play the role of the fool. Then the sleep hits them, and when 
they awake I am or who ever else it is, just a forgotten memory because 
of forgetfulness when you get baked. It is all the same to this world 
of people whose minds seem to be so fucking weak and feeble. Why can't 
they see that we are all just equal? Then maybe my life would not have 
so many sequels! 

One word, scapegoat, because I know the meaning all to well, I hate, due
to the fact of my roots being so weak! Someone in a group, or somewhere 
in their loop, screws up, and they look for a way out. Trust gets 
thrown around in the loop like a shitty joint. They have known and 
grown with the others, their brothers in life, so long that they look 
for another route out. So use you imagination, no need in this line of 
insanely sane rhymes here for me to write out my frustration! Yeah, 
over, and over, and over the one who does not deserve to get the boot 
winds up putting his foot back in his boot, his backpack back on his 
back and finding somewhere else to hit the sack. 

Relief comes though in the strangest ways. After traveling from here to
there for so long in life boredom comes when for to long at once you 
stay in one place. You dream of seeing a place that you have not seen 
before, but still the ones you leave behind you still adore. For some 
reason no matter what they may do, no matter how bad it may be, where 
you have just been a little piece of you has just been torn and left 
behind. You cannot deny what was once inside. You must move on and you 
know what, nothing is as beautiful when a new day dawns. Just give one 
big yawn, buck up and move on! 

On the horizon you see the next town as you run around in circles at the
excitement of not knowing where you are or what you are doing. Now all 
you need to find is the next bar! After a few you get your start to 
part yourself in so many ways. Hoping the first individual you meet is 
decent. Due to the fact of what you have learned in the very recent 
past season. You learn to read people after a while because you have 
met so many personalities after traveling so many miles. Then again 
interestingly enough you tend to love everybody because they are 
somebody who personally I would like to know and see how they flow in 
this part of what we call society. This person will lead to the next, 
and this very person in my life may very well be the next test. 
Somewhere down the line I may find a kind soul who I can sit back and 
rewind all the facts of my being and soul. Then we can slide down the 
pole to the next part of the relationship in very intricate friendship. 
How unfortunately fortunate for me though I may trip and slip once 
again on boredoms strong power to devour and as to it I cower. Turning 
a place I favored just a little bit sour, but not in a bad sense just 
in some form of past tense. 

From all of this my roots have gown deeper and I have been empowered to
leave my shoes planted underground there for a while just like a tulip 
bulb. So I grab a new pair of sneakers. When I once again return there 
I can find and dig them up and unfold the life in that place. Enjoy for 
a while the memories of a place I had been before. Maybe even Lora will 
be there and I will be so pleased once again to be with her and that I 
will definitely adore for evermore! God only know how I yearn for that 
moment of atonement! 

Until those times come I will keep on going on and these rhymes I will
keep on sewing. To get me threw all the different situations that keep 
on happening and blowing me around from town to town. This little rhyme 
may make you think that I am down, but that my friend cannot be further 
from the truth. Although I seek something that is out there which yet 
is to be found. The journey has brought me so much freedom that no 
government, speciously the one in Washington, will ever be able to 
muffle the sound. 

So to all of you out there in this beautiful world that God has given
us! Do not ever at any moment think that there is nothing out there for 
you! There is always another place with something new! A new dream to 
be found and a new person with whom you can find another to yell loud 
and proud together, “ You can not keep us down!” 


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