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America: True Cause of the Flu! (standard:poetry, 1178 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Nov 02 2004Views/Reads: 1904/1224Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
More of a rhyming story again that a poem. About how America is bringing fear to its people.

People are all over the place and they are so afraid to be free! So they
surrender themselves without really even knowing what they are actually 
doing! Grow to be numb, and start to become unaware. So they turn to 
Washington for each and every one of the answers to daily current 
affairs. They do not know what to do specially when it comes to the 
mosquito that flies from one place to another at night carrying the 
so-called deadly flu. So frightened of dying. That they start lining up 
for something that is just not there. When I was a youngster, just a 
short while ago, three days off then back to school after all those 
tummy ache tears. Why are they so full of fear? 

Going to search out the flu shots from Canada, but Bush and the White
House are banning them. So they're trying to request them from the 
other side of the pond. By the time they arrive here it will be too 
late! The fat lady will have finished singing the lyrics to this 
insanely sane somewhat rhyming out of control song. 

Every person complains of how this country is manipulated and how the
general public is always treated wrong. However though when it comes to 
the slaughter of others in a selected irrelevant population by our 
domineering administration! Everyone stands by those who treat him or 
her wrong and yells loud and proud, God bless the USA for we will 
always stand strong by her side! While right in front of your face they 
are killing you off one by one. I realize I am already losing America's 
attention span in this puzzling rampage of expression. Who has time to 
comprehend this anyway? We have to support our armed forces! Who are 
disappearing over there because there is a war to be won! Started by 
who really cares what administration. Like I have said, kids dads and 
moms are for some odd reason deceased. For Washington's fabricated 
definition of this phenomenon called peace! 

America so full of superiority and so loyal to the red white and blue,
Well, at least loyal to the industry with the intention of setting this 
country up royally! So that individual lives and thoughts can be 
bought. Charming the soul from their own nation and then turning around 
so they can profit by making a dollar or two by means of selling it to 
wal-mart. They then place it on their shelves for every single one. The 
seemingly soulless drones to by at wholesale. Now every soul has a 
gash! Everyone owns a share of you! The government banks once again 
since everything is taxed! This American flag colored, colonizing chain 
store has put up the shutters on all the friendly mom and pop- shops. 
Mom and Pop kept the friendly cooperative spirit of folks going. The 
industry with their slashed prices and fancy commercials practically 
shove you in and maintain the lines flowing. Now the spirit of the 
river of folks is slowly but unfortunately being broken wide open and 
the satanic polluted red, white and blue is pouring through! 

How much more rambling words can I genuinely say? I keep on showing up
at the exact same place and there my money I keep on blowing. What I 
see though is people running all over the place and not making any kind 
of communication with one another. Unless it is to overcome them into 
the top spot at a cash register! So they can get home and park 
themselves in front of the television. These days how many of you 
become acquainted with more than one or two of your neighbors? If any 
at all! Everyone at this time in America has locked themselves up in 
their homes and made them up to be some variety of top-security prison! 

Everyone is in such a rush! They cannot stop to develop a friendship
with the person that is around them. They are moving so quick, that 
they have to go on a diet because there is not time to eat a full meal. 
So it is no wonder that they become sick. There are continuously these 
fresh and fancy tricks. Whether it is this diet trend or some freak 
with a screwed on head screaming, six pack abs, six pack abs, flavor of 
the day work out steroid fix. It is just all the same blab, blab, and 
blab. Blend this with that and you will obtain something else and your 
body will experience something that will give it an exceedingly big 
kick! Good God just snort some coffee from those rolled up bucks and 
you will feel as high as a star. Getting your lawful dose of cocaine 
from a shop that is truly as addictive as a bar! 

Then the commercials fire up by saying that this unique medication is
inferior and ours works much better and faster. Then the very next add 
portrays the reverse by saying the one before is substandard and that 
theirs is unsurpassed. Who are we supposed to put our faith in? So we 

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