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America: True Cause of the Flu! (standard:poetry, 1178 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Nov 02 2004Views/Reads: 1964/1277Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
More of a rhyming story again that a poem. About how America is bringing fear to its people.

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can get the relief they say we so desperately deserve and need! Maybe 
if both sides just were quiet then we can relax and fall asleep fast! 

I believe just maybe we perceive all of this here in America and it
confuses us! That is why we become all depressed. Guess what commercial 
is aired next? One for some colored pill that will assemble your 
emotions so they go the other direction. Which I imagine in some manner 
can alter your will. They state there is no known cause for this so 
called disease. Well if there is no cause how can there be a 
consequence such as a disease? 

Could it be that they just want to make money by selling you a pill that
is completely doing nothing else except putting your mind at ease?  
Then again this mind amusement goes continuously. Accepting as true 
that you have received something that has made you the way you should 
be usually. Then you are told by somebody else, whether it be by means 
of the TV, doctor, or maybe even a legally drug addicted friend, that 
this new pill-initiated-emotion has gone to far and has taken over so 
you need a new potion to balance out the hypothetical new emotion from 
taking over. 

Stop thinking about life! Now pills hold all your devotion! What on
earth happened to friends being their when you were feeling depressed. 
A pill is not the answer to a normal human emotion that has now been 
labeled as some manner of cancer. Now I know some of you in spite of 
everything will always say that there is scientific and medical proof 
that there can be an emotional problem. Well if there is, why don't you 
change the humanity of the human race and make some friends instead of 
a quick fix pill. Eventually in the end the quick route out still leads 
to the solid rock bottom. 


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