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The Stars Up Above (standard:fairy tales, 433 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Nov 28 2004Views/Reads: 2949/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
May all your wishes come alive this magical night...

The Stars Up Above 

@2004 by Kathryn Gabrielle 

The snowflakes fall one by one in perfect unison like a parade of soft,
magic that stirs her imagination. A woman watches the snowfall from a 
window inside. The cold glass against her nose is in contrast to the 
warm fire inside. Such opposites compliment one another. 

"I wish so many things could be different in my life. It almost seems
possible on such a night.", she whispers to herself, almost like a 
silent prayer." 

A shooting star speeds across the winter sky at just that moment. She
opens her mouth,no sound escapes her lips . Her eyes widen at the sight 
of the star and its timely moment of its arrival. 

"My star.", she smiles, "The one that I can call on to stir my

She laughs at her own silliness and turns from the window. 

On the desk lie a pile of unpaid bills and notices that she wants to
throw in the fire. But she wouldn't dare to, or would she? 

"A little girl's dream for a simple wish to make everything wonderful
and perfect. There only stars are the ones we shine ourselves." 

She leaves the pile of worry on her desk and brushes her beautiful red
hair until it shines. Putting on her blue winter coat and hat, she 
descends the staircase and exits the front door. She breathes in the 
night air and holds out her hand. She catches the snowflakes on her 

Just for this moment in time, she wanders through the village and
lingers by the brightly lit shops to watch the people go by. A smile 
blooms on her lips. 

"I feel wonderful tonight. It doesn't cost me a penny to smile or
pretend just for a little while that I am blessed by the heavens, does 

The woman approaches a man sitting on a bench. He also is watching the
stars tonight. She sits down with him. He never speaks his name, nor 
does she. Names are not important here. Just being is. 

"Oh, yes. Isn't it a pity most don't even notice such things. All you
have to do is wish and look around you.",the man says. 

"It is so simple, yet nobody bothers." the woman says. 

"People don't bother to observe the world around them. They get caught
up with suspicions and rules.", the man says. 

"Just look up at those stars tonight. Isn't it just a picture!", the
woman says as she stares up at the sky. 

"And you are witness to magic, my dear, pure magic." 

"Simply beautiful." 


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