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Fireworks Over Maggie (standard:romance, 2122 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Jan 15 2001Views/Reads: 2810/1475Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A small-town carnival...4th of July fireworks, and Maggie. What more could a guy need?

Fireworks Over Maggie 

Small town can't beat them.  You can have your Disney
World's and your Great Adventure's, I'll take the small town carnival 
over them any day. 

It was the Fourth of July, still very hot although it was after nine and
the sun had gone down a short time ago.  Maggie and I strolled through 
the dusty carnival grounds, holding hands and giggling like teenagers.  
We had been here for about an hour, thus far doing nothing but laughing 
and gorging ourselves with that special food you can only get at a 
carnival.  Sausages smothered in green peppers and fried onions, french 
fries doused in vinegar, snow cones, cotton candy, candy apples and for 
dessert, a piping hot funnel cake, dripping with grease and covered 
with powdered sugar. 

We stopped and stood for awhile, listening to a local three piece
country band.  Seemed that every time I heard one of these bands they 
always had one singer that was pretty good, but was always singing 
backup.  This lead singer was bad...really bad.  Not wanting to laugh, 
and it was very hard not to do so, we moved off through the crowd that 
had gathered and headed to the other end of the grounds. 

"Can we ride the Ferris Wheel, please?" Maggie asked. 

"Sure thing, Mags."  I went over to the ticket booth, buying a half
dozen just in case we felt the urge for more rides.  The line was 
pretty short at the Ferris Wheel and in just a couple of minutes we 
went up the ramp, the ride attendant slammed the safety bar shut and up 
we went. 

My arm was around Maggie's shoulder and she snuggled close, putting her
arms around my waist.   The giant wheel went around and around, 
providing a cooling breeze and a beautiful view of the carnival below 
and the lights of the surrounding town.  All too soon the ride was over 
and the wheel began moving one car at a time as people got off and new 
riders got on.  Our seat was now stopped at the top of the wheel.  
Maggie started to rock the seat, knowing that it would scare the hell 
out of me.  I hated to rock in an open seat 50 feet above the ground.  
Feeling me tense up, Maggie turned to me with a huge grin on her face, 
obviously greatly enjoying my discomfort.  "Don't worry, Honey, I'll 
take your mind off your fears", she said.  And she did...putting an arm 
around my neck, drawing me near, then kissing me, a very long, very 
soft kiss.  My arms went around her and the kiss became even longer and 
more passionate.  The wheel started to move again causing our seat to 
rock once more but this time I was oblivious, feeling nothing but the 
warmth and power of Maggie's kisses. 

"Hey, have to get off".  The gruff voice of the ride
attendant came out of nowhere, startling both of us.  I looked around 
to see smirking  faces waiting to get on the ride and the now impatient 
attendant reaching to open the safety bar on our seat. 

Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out two more tickets and handed them
to the attendant. "Once more around the park, James."  He gave me a 
look that, had I not still been feeling the euphoria of Maggie's 
kisses, would have made my blood curdle.  But he took the tickets and 
slammed his hand against the control, sending us skyward once more.   
We didn't waste a second of this second ride.   As soon as the big 
wheel started moving, Maggie and I began necking like we were fifteen 
and her parents would be waiting to take her home when we got off the 
ride.  Oblivious to the crowd that was watching us each time our seat 
came into sight, our bodies molded together and our hands began to roam 
a bit.  Slight touches, a brush with the back of the hand, nothing too 
obvious, but it was having a heated effect on both of us.   But again, 
the wheel stopped, again the slow process of  exchanging riders, but 
this time when it was our turn we broke our embrace and disembarked 
from the ride.  Arm in arm we walked back through the dust and the 
people, talking softly and smiling at each other.  I was wondering what 
else the night had to bring.  Would Maggie and I make love when I took 
her home?   Was she wondering the same thing?  I didn't have many 
answers, but the questions were burning in my brain. 

My watch read 10:15 and the fireworks were scheduled for 11:00. 
"Maggie, the fireworks will be going off before too long.  What if we 

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