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let me speak (standard:romance, 709 words)
Author: Ney'Added: Dec 12 2004Views/Reads: 2079/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is an attempt at beginging writeing again. It is a true story so please feel free to comment... positive and negative.

I rolled over, letting the blankets bare my pale shoulder. A small strip
of skin was raised because of scrape I had got a few hours earlier. My 
eyes moved from my arm to the man lying next to me. I smiled at him as 
he lay there seemingly day dreaming. I opened my mouth slightly wanting 
so bad to speak. I quickly closed my eyes and ran my fingers threw my 
short dark hair. 

‘I think I love you'. The words pressed against my throat. My mouth
dried as I thought. I opened my eyes slowly, feeling the light before I 
saw it. I turned my head and placed my hand on his chest. He smiled, 
turned gracefully, and put his arms around me. My heart sped as it 
usually did when he held me. I made a small sound that caught his 
attention. He looked at me and I opened my mouth trying again to speak. 
I started to talk and tripped over my words. 

I finally spat out' “I want to tell you something”. 

He cocked his head and said, ”What?” Suddenly I lost what little nerve I
had built up. I again found myself choking on my words. 

“Well, I want to but I just can't get it out. I'm just...I don't
know...scared I suppose”. I said making it a point not to look in his 
eyes. He looked at me oddly at first but then smiled slightly and 
kissed my forehead. 

“It's ok”, He said very simply. My heart pounded as I sighed and sank
into his chest. 


After a short smoke break we came back into his room. I sat gently on
the edge of his bed. I knew what I had said before we took that break, 
but I didn't know if I have the strength to say it. I looked up at him 
as he stopped in front of me. 

“So have you got the balls yet?' He said smiling. I stared into his
bright blue eyes and forgot to breathe. I looked away, cheeks burning, 
and muttered, “no.” 

He sighed and sat next to me. “Ok”, he said understandingly. Yet again
something that I love about him. He never lets me get away with half an 
answer but never pushes. 

We got back underneath his covers and snuggled into each other. I lay
there as a thought came into my head. ‘Worth a try' I thought to 

“I'll tell you what it is if you guess.” I said, staring blankly at his
white ceiling. ((Ok so this was not one of my best ideas but I had to 
think of something)) 

I saw the muscles in his forehead frow slightly. “I'm not good at
guessing stuff.” He said. 

“Well, just try once and I'll tell you.” I said smiling. My heart
started to flutter. ‘Wow I got that tingly feeling. Hehe. It tickles' I 
thought. He rolled over and faced the wall. I glanced at him as the 
weight of his thoughts made it hard to breathe. 

The silence seemed to last an eternity. I could hear my heart beating in
my head. I watched him as he thought. I could see the back of his 
blonde hair and the slope of his neck. Even from this view he was 

With a deep voice slightly above a whisper he said, “Does it involve the
word love?” The room yet again feel silent. He turned to me. 

I pulled the blanket over my head and mumbled, “Yes.” He smiled a little
half-smile that melted me. He stared into my eyes and said, “It's ok I 
know what you're trying to say. You don't have to say it.” 

I couldn't take it anymore. “But you know what?” I said with a smirk. I
let the silence fall and looked up at him. “ I love you.” 

He smiled that smile that melts me and muttered, “I love you too.” He
pulled me too him and we kissed a slow soft hiss that proved that we 
were in love. I buried my lips into his and indulged in the sensation. 

I lifted my tired lids to see his eyes shine, as he leaned in for
another kiss. 


To be continued... 


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