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Just Before Dawn chapter 3 (standard:mystery, 12548 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Feb 20 2005Views/Reads: 1977/1270Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter picks up from where Allison opened the pipe bomb. Can Connor act quick enough to save her life?

3. Hearts Collide 

“Hang on, sweetheart! I'll call an ambulance! Everything's going to be
all right! I love you, Allie!” Scarlet began to squawk, sensing 
something was wrong with Allison. Connor was trying to calm him down 
when he heard bubbling. At first he thought it was another explosion, 
and wondered if he should move Allison. But then he realized it was the 
pasta sauce boiling over. He quickly shut off the stove and returned to 
Allison's side. 

Tears cascaded down Connor's face as he listened to the staccato ringing
in his ear. After what seemed like an eternity, the dispatcher 
answered, he kept glancing over at Allison who wasn't moving, she 
hadn't moved since the pipe bomb exploded. “911 what's your emergency?” 
“I need an ambulance to 24 Fallcrest Drive apartment 3A!.” “What's the 
problem, sir?” the dispatcher asked soothingly. “My girlfriend opened a 
package and it exploded! It was a pipe bomb!. She's unconscious! I 
don't know what to do! You've got to ...” “Sir, calm down. You're not 
going to be any good to her if you're not calm enough to help her 
yourself. Is she breathing?” Connor was pretty sure the answer was yes, 
but he walked over to Allison and felt her neck for a pulse. Just to be 
sure, he felt her wrist also. Then he saw her eye, it was bleeding and 
he quickly got a washcloth and applied firm but gentle pressure. “Yes.” 
“How long has she been unconscious?” “About five minutes.” “When did 
this happen?” “Just now.” “All right, sir. I want you to stay on the 
line with me until the paramedics get there. Does she have an open 
airway?” Connor checked around Allison's mouth, it didn't appear that 
anything was lodged there that would make it difficult for her to 
breathe. “Yes.” Connor answered the dispatcher's questions to the best 
of his knowledge, it seemed like he was stuck in a slow motion movie 
which had no end. The dispatcher was asking him about Allison's current 
condition, when she began to open her eyes. “Allison?” Connor asked 
kneeling beside her. He gently took her hand, she was trembling and 
looked at him in terror. “Allison, are you all right?” “Where am I?” 
“In your apartment, you opened a package that exploded.” “Wha ... what 
happened?” her eyes looked glazed, and Connor wasn't sure if she was 
understanding his words. “You opened a package that exploded.” He 
repeated soothingly. She grabbed his hand tightly and began to fade 
into unconsciousness again. “Connor, call my father ...” with the last 
word she passed out again. “Allison? Allison, wake up, sweetheart!” 
just then, Connor heard the shrill wail of sirens. He promptly hung up 
with the dispatcher and went to open the door for the paramedics. 

The paramedics raced to Allison, they carried a wide assortment of
equipment: from a difibulater  to a backboard. One of them questioned 
Connor while the other began to assess Allison's condition. She was 
still unconscious, the remnants of the pipe bomb were scattered 
everywhere. Connor wanted to be with Allison, but the paramedics told 
him to stay back. “Let us work. I know you want to be with her, sir but 
it's better if you keep your distance for now. Was she conscious?” 
“Yes, for a moment, but then she passed out again.” The paramedic 
assessed her eye, and applied gauze to try and stop the bleeding. 
“Sounds like a grade 3 concussion.” The paramedic stated, thinking back 
to the information he had gathered from Connor. Just then, Allison 
began to regain consciousness again. Her eyes opened slowly, as she 
acclimated herself with her surroundings. “What's her name?” one of the 
medics whose name was Frank asked. “Allison.” Connor replied trying to 
get a glimpse of her. “Allison? Can you hear me?” Frank asked kneeling 
by her side. “Who are you?” she asked weakly. “I'm Frank Barner a 
paramedic. Do you remember what happened?” It took several minutes for 
her to respond, Connor worried about her, and tried to get closer. But 
Frank's partner Sam gave him a stern look. Connor sat on the couch 
nervously twisting his hands in his lap. All he could do was watch, 
Frank asked his question again and received a blank stare from Allison. 
“What was the question?” “Okay, we're going to take you to the 
hospital. Lay still.” Frank said producing a backboard. Allison was 
confused and began to fight Frank and Sam. “Why? Why are you doing this 
to me? I don't even know what happened. Where's Connor?” “Allison, you 
have to calm down so we can help you. Just lay still and let us work. 
Connor's right there.” Sam pointed to Connor and he followed the 
paramedics out the door. He watched as Allison was strapped to the 
backboard to keep her neck stable and prevent further injury. 

During the ride to the hospital, Allison seemed dazed, she was unable to
answer simple questions like her address or her age. Connor wondered if 

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